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Duffield Construction

I would like make comment on my experience with this company. I had teething problems with this company but these were promptly rectified by my newly allocated SEO consultant Jess Duffield and would furthermore like to make comment on how delighted I have been with her customer service & how she turned a negative experience into a positive one. Nothing has been too much trouble for her no matter how small. She deals with any issues promptly & comprehensively. She is extremely approachable and never makes you feel uncomfortable with queries about baffling jargon & explains what is useful & what is simply sales fodder in the strange world of website optimisation. She is extremely calm and a pleasure to do business with. But most importantly I feel is passionate about her work, andI feel she is so genuine that she works for the customer & always puts your needs first. She has definitely has improved the status & position of my website and It is so refreshing to do business with a person who you I feel can be trusted in preference to people within this industry who are often pushy & disingenuous and only interested in goals & targets and once they have your customer seem to loose interest very quickly.

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Broadwood International

Creare were recommended to me via a colleague who used them before. They are extremely knowledgeable, helpful and proactive – always responding to my every need. The initial contact with one of the directors was very good, as they fully explained what we would get on completion and he was completely correct.

We required a completely new website with a SEO campaign alongside. Our previous website was very poor by comparison, offering us little in the way of Google success – something which was explained very clearly to our technophobe staff! The website looks class, it is very clean, easy to navigate and just as importantly pulls in the traffic via Google!

Our SEO campaign is working very well indeed. The plan was to get a certain amount of keywords to page one within 6 months. To be honest I was pretty skeptical about this, as some of the rankings didn’t even appear on a search! True to their word the phrases are now ranking very high, with some even at number 1! It is a long and arduous task, if carried out properly, but stick by it and Creare and you to will reap the rewards.

As part of a marketing team we always analyse our results, something which the SEO department are very proactive with. We have a very dedicated consultant who calls me fortnightly to discuss stats and anything they feel needs changing or we could benefit from. Having started the year with a poor and underachieving website, we now have something which not only brings in the traffic, but hot leads as well!

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Opulent Cars

I recently had a website created and decided to go on the hunt for a company who provided SEO to drive more traffic and increase my companies exposure. I came across Creare Group (which is on page 1 on Google for SEO) which is a great start, and decided to give them a call. From the get go I could tell I was going to be in good hands, Gemma King was so knowledgeable and helpful on the subject and after a lengthy conversation about the benefits of having SEO with them, I decided to go for it. My account was assigned to Marcus Page, who again is so knowledgeable on the subject and knows exactly how to get the best out of your campaign, however big or small your budget is. In 3 months of having SEO with Creare my Google presence has risen dramatically and my website is now being found in over 240 different keywords when only currently paying for 6 to be optimised, which shows the quality of the work carried out by Marcus and his team.

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Premier Planters

My SEO consultant Felicity has been brilliant. She obviously knows her job and provides regular email reports followed up by a phone call to explain and discuss each month. She is friendly and knowledgeable and listens to the customer – responding with appropriate solutions to maximise their return on investment.

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The Swimming Pool Store

Back when Creare first started we agreed to get them to build us a website and wow us with their SEO skills. Now many years own the road we can say wow we chose the best guys to do this. Not only did we get a great website and SEO but we had great on-going support and development from a team that really know what they are doing. The Creare team come up with great ideas and put them into practise. What a success the past few years have been, thanks Creare, thanks you guys are truly the BEST IN THE BUSINESS!

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DBS Bathrooms

We first started using Creare in 2010 who put together our first website, that did okay but needed some tweaks doing to it. So in 2011 after a year we spoke with Creare who helped us design a brand new different website & sales have just gone up & up since then. The website is now to a high standard & we are very happy, I’m sure there is still more we can do with it and it is a learning curve.

With regards to SEO we have had lots of different ones over the last few years, and some were good some not so good. But now we have been appointed Fallon & after only a few weeks we have seen improvements. She is really friendly which goes a long way & she seems to know what shes talking about more than the rest have. She has lots of ideas too which is what you want to hear! Fallon & I have agreed to speak every 2 weeks which we are happy about & also updates us via email too which is good to see in black & white.

We also have our articles written by Ekta, who again is also very friendly & always has new ideas on things to write. We look forward to continuing to work with Creare & their team.

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Picture Blast

We have used Creare for the last 3/4 years for our SEO on both our websites. They have maintained no 1 position for all the most relevant keywords continuously, have superb communication Skills and are always helpful, highly recommended. Our new account manager Jenni ensures we are kept well informed of what is going on and works to ensure we stay ahead of our competitors.

Richard Jones London

I have been with Creare now for two years and have found their service to be of the highest standards and have always found them to be approachable and excellent at problem solving. Kieran who is my assigned consultant knows his subject inside out and has been on hand to steer my website through the choppy waters of Google updates and has kept me out of the clutches of all the recent updates. I would most certainly recommend their service and can honestly say that I am both a delighted and satisfied customer.

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Francis & Gaye Jewellers

We were very cautious on taking on another SEO company due to past experiences however we found the initial contact both friendly and informative. We spoke to a very friendly and enthusiastic account manager in Fallon who was very honest in Creare’s approach and timescales and if something wasn’t working then she would always offer ideas.

We are kept in the loop with everything that is going on and get detailed reports as-well as a fortnightly phone call from herself of which we bounce ideas of each other and generally come up with something we can use going forward. Although it is early days I am very happy with the working relationship and it is good to have an account manager who is as passionate as we are on driving our website and Internet business forward.

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Rug Centre Online

Fallon, I would like to take a few moments now having just spent time working on descriptions for our site fuelled, even at this late hour by your efforts and encouragement that “we are getting there” to thank you for all your help and the work you are putting in to get our site returning a profit.

It has been a hard slog for me being quite computer Illiterate to have had to be more involved since our IT man left. Kev our man who stepped into the breach has also worked hard with Ash,Pete et al. I initially worked and enjoyed learning with Jennie.Now with your direction and Ekta’s help I feel we are moving in the right direction.

Some how it does seem to be beginning to work, the site itself your team designed and built was an instant hit, but then was even more refined to better appeal to our prospective customers. Your explanations of the workings of SEO and reports are having the effect of channelling our efforts in the right direction and I look forward to your report on Conversions.

To see the increase in both traffic and sales is most encouraging and given the economic climate I chose to start this totally new and to me foreign business venture in is quite amazing. I look forward to the next Year with (as much as I can ) Vigour but am sure with your help we will be most successful and reap the rewards of all this hard work.

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Forever Weddings

I have now been a client of Creare for around 9 months now and it is because of the service and results that I have received so far from them as a business which has led me to writing this review.

At the moment I am a small online business but growing and learning all the time – I really do learn something new each day! I feel Creare is the right SEO company for both myself personally and my business. SEO was not originally one of my skills so I am learning all the time, but it is for this very reason that I have been grateful to Creare for their guidance and experience helping make this easier area easier to understand and to apply to my business.
I feel Creare understand my business, they have listened to what I need as a small business and what I am trying to achieve through both researching and understanding what I do. I have also found that Creare work with integrity, by ensuring I receive genuine industry related links I feel confident we are working towards achieving a number one website status that will achieve sustainability at No. 1 rather than manipulating results which will only provide a fleeting No. 1 status and thus the cost would quickly outweigh any possible gains, which is not what any forward thinking business seeks!

I feel I have been lucky in being allocated a first class Account Executive in Fallon Fitzsimmons who works with me on my SEO campaign which is making great progress. Fallon has also brought a new perspective to my campaign by optimising each page of my website and products so that ultimately I gain more sales which then helps fund my SEO campaigns.
Fallon is always in regular contact with me, keeping me up to date with progress and ideas. I always find it easy to contact Fallon for any help or advice I may need, which always results in a speedy answer back, which as any business owner knows this service is worth its weight in gold. It is one less call or issue that you have to chase or contend with that day. Reducing any stress within your working day is great. Again as any business know’s most of the time it’s down to the individual service you receive within a company rather than the company itself with regards to the quality of customer service you receive. Well done Fallon, much appreciated.

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Credit Noble

I’ve done business with Creare for nearly 4 years now and have had nothing but success..I’ve used other firms but they can’t contend. They have done everything from design of our e-commerce websites but have also built the back end databases, user portals, integrated with our key stakeholder systems and provided updates and changes as needed….simply stated: They LISTEN and DELIVER.

In a recent exercise their National Accounts SEO team helped develop our 4 year SEO strategy. They are now helping to shape & grow our footprint in the United Kingdom. Operating as foreign national company & having on the ground full service SEO expertise has made our entry simple & easy. We are now nearly doubling our SEO budget annually and will most likely continue our double digit sales growth.

Finally their SEO results have yielded commercial benefits consistently for several years now. No company can guarantee you success with GOOGLE…that’s not possible…But what Creare can guarantee you is professional success & the value of pooled R&D services that enable their SEO to be better than most….this is their ‘secret sauce’ of success which has created lasting value creation for their customers and the firm.

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Fone Angels

Very happy with the overall SEO service from Creare. My consultant (Andy Allen) is well informed, helpful and really takes the time to understand my business and the market we operate in. Highly recommended!

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Blossom Lingerie

After a bad experience with another web design company we contacted Creare who put together a website proposal that exceeded our expectations in terms of design and usability. The whole process of creating the website was smooth with plenty of communication regarding how the website should look at feel. Any small changes we felt were necessary before the website was signed off were carried out without issue and the whole website was created to a very high standard.

Because we had been so impressed with the creation of our website we decided to use Creare to manage our PPC campaign. Being a new website we had little authority with Google and therefore entirely relied on Creare to drive customers to our website via the PPC campaign. After the initial testing stage our Keywords and Ad content were revised to ensure that only Keywords that converted to sales were being used to ensure that the campaign was profitable and sustainable. We have been very impressed with the campaign results so far and have now had a Google product feed built by Creare which ensures that we stay competitive and has also improved results.

We have also recently started using Creare to manage the SEO of our website. The campaign is still in its initial phase however the results so far have been fantastic. Our SEO Account Manager Fallon frequently updates us with how our keywords are performing and what the team have been doing to optimise our site. Fallon has also impressed us by thinking outside the box on how to drive customers to our website by creating celebrity endorsements and featuring us in prestigious blogs with thousands of followers.

Creare have continued to impress us with their performance and we look forward to continuing our relationship in the future.

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Woodstone Bathrooms

We are a business that has been established for 25 years, and were looking to create a new web site that attracted the right type of customers to our new showroom. David Watling from Creare contacted us and made an appointment. From the start we could see that Creare were different. David took time to understand our business, and went into detail to ensure our customers not only found us but also made a connection with our new site. Other companies that we contacted concentrated on the design without any link to the types of customers we are trying to attract.

Steph Webb then called me and introduced herself, and advised me that she would be building my site. I have limited computer skills, and Steph patiently held my hand during the construction of my site. Nothing was too much trouble, and she made some good suggestions. Our new site is now live and I am delighted with the result. Customers have complemented us on it and we have already paid for the cost with our first order. The search engine optimisation is working well, and we are now working our way up page one of Google. In summary. Creare have been a pleasure to deal with, and I have no hesitation in recommending them.


Creare have been instrumental in the delivery of the new website for Dore. They have also worked really well with our internal IT department, James ensured things worked seamlessly between the two teams and that everything technical was taken care of. We always felt cared for and that our business was a priority for them. Creare frequently brought ideas to the table that we were able to implement in our website to make the experience even better.

Considering the sitemap was never really firmed up and its contents changed a great deal, I was especially impressed that they delivered everything on time and on budget. The delivery of a new website was under intense time pressure and Creare stepped up to the plate exceeding our expectations with what could be achieved. Additionally as an ongoing partner they are helping us achieve our business targets by keeping us at the top of Google searches for keywords. Fun team to work with, help present what can be sometimes very technical information in really simple and straightforward ways, which is important in making decisions which you might not be an expert in.


We at Mistrys have been extremely impressed with the level of service and commitment we have received from Creare during the re-design and re-launch of our website. We had a very detailed specification including a complete re-design of the look and feel of the site, as well as complex elements surrounding data transfer from our old site, product imports from an external data company and the creation of online prescription capability. This was all handled with great professionalism and skill from the outset by Creare and was aided by a strong working relationship with our lead developer, James Bavington.

James and his team followed our strict schedule of completion milestones and took part in detailed weekly update meetings over Skype without fail throughout the entire project. We were kept very involved in the design process and our preferences were implemented to our exact requirements. James and his team have very good technical knowledge of the Magento platform and every request to improve site functionality or to customise our CMS was met without fail. They will never say no to any request, they will always find a solution, which is very refreshing in this industry. This has continued post launch with an on-going program of website development to ensure that our website keeps moving forward and progresses. To this day we can still pick up the phone and speak to James with any issues or queries, which is always re-assuring when running an online business without any in-house technical capability.

All our expectations have been exceeded and we are extremely pleased that we chose Creare for our website development needs. The results speak for themselves.