DBS Bathrooms

We first started using Creare in 2010 who put together our first website, that did okay but needed some tweaks doing to it. So in 2011 after a year we spoke with Creare who helped us design a brand new different website & sales have just gone up & up since then. The website is now to a high standard & we are very happy, I’m sure there is still more we can do with it and it is a learning curve.

With regards to SEO we have had lots of different ones over the last few years, and some were good some not so good. But now we have been appointed Fallon & after only a few weeks we have seen improvements. She is really friendly which goes a long way & she seems to know what shes talking about more than the rest have. She has lots of ideas too which is what you want to hear! Fallon & I have agreed to speak every 2 weeks which we are happy about & also updates us via email too which is good to see in black & white.

We also have our articles written by Ekta, who again is also very friendly & always has new ideas on things to write. We look forward to continuing to work with Creare & their team.

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