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Designing Forms for Conversion

Forms. Nobody likes filling them out. Forms take time and effort, plus, we often find ourselves typing the same details over and over again. Name. Email Address. Phone […]

Jack Fuller

A Guide to Using Hotjar

Hotjar, as they say, is “…a new and easy way to truly understand your web and mobile site visitors.”, and is something I am using more and more […]

Jack Fuller

Creare and Magento establish partnership to support SMEs

Today, Creare, one of the UK’s leading digital marketing agencies for small and medium businesses announces its participation in the new Magento Small Business program recently launched by […]

Jack Fuller

Google Announce Big Changes to Mobile Search

When it comes to browsing the web, Google care about one side and one side only. The user. The user determines everything. Google’s goal is to provide the […]

Jack Fuller

When Making Websites Was Easy

A far-from-serious look at how the role of the Web Developer has changed in recent years. From tables and framesets to CMS platforms and jQuery wizardry.

Jack Fuller
Windows 8 Tile

Create A Windows 8.1 Tile For Your Website Part Two

In the first part of this tutorial we covered creating basic Windows 8.1 Tiles for your website using a range a different META tags. Although this method will […]

Jack Fuller
Windows Thumb

Create A Windows 8.1 Tile For Your Website

With the popularity and usage of Windows 8 now increasing, it is important that us web designers begin to maximise on the marketing potential that Windows 8 Tiles […]

Jack Fuller

Magento Responsive Theme Design – Book Review

It has long since passed the time where we should be saying R.I.P to non-responsive websites. Your ecommerce site must present its information in a format that suits […]

Jack Fuller