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I have now been a client of Creare for around 9 months now and it is because of the service and results that I have received so far from them as a business which has led me to writing this review.

At the moment I am a small online business but growing and learning all the time – I really do learn something new each day! I feel Creare is the right SEO company for both myself personally and my business. SEO was not originally one of my skills so I am learning all the time, but it is for this very reason that I have been grateful to Creare for their guidance and experience helping make this easier area easier to understand and to apply to my business.
I feel Creare understand my business, they have listened to what I need as a small business and what I am trying to achieve through both researching and understanding what I do. I have also found that Creare work with integrity, by ensuring I receive genuine industry related links I feel confident we are working towards achieving a number one website status that will achieve sustainability at No. 1 rather than manipulating results which will only provide a fleeting No. 1 status and thus the cost would quickly outweigh any possible gains, which is not what any forward thinking business seeks!

I feel I have been lucky in being allocated a first class Account Executive in Fallon Fitzsimmons who works with me on my SEO campaign which is making great progress. Fallon has also brought a new perspective to my campaign by optimising each page of my website and products so that ultimately I gain more sales which then helps fund my SEO campaigns.
Fallon is always in regular contact with me, keeping me up to date with progress and ideas. I always find it easy to contact Fallon for any help or advice I may need, which always results in a speedy answer back, which as any business owner knows this service is worth its weight in gold. It is one less call or issue that you have to chase or contend with that day. Reducing any stress within your working day is great. Again as any business know’s most of the time it’s down to the individual service you receive within a company rather than the company itself with regards to the quality of customer service you receive. Well done Fallon, much appreciated.

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