Duffield Construction

I would like make comment on my experience with this company. I had teething problems with this company but these were promptly rectified by my newly allocated SEO consultant Jess Duffield and would furthermore like to make comment on how delighted I have been with her customer service & how she turned a negative experience into a positive one. Nothing has been too much trouble for her no matter how small. She deals with any issues promptly & comprehensively. She is extremely approachable and never makes you feel uncomfortable with queries about baffling jargon & explains what is useful & what is simply sales fodder in the strange world of website optimisation. She is extremely calm and a pleasure to do business with. But most importantly I feel is passionate about her work, andI feel she is so genuine that she works for the customer & always puts your needs first. She has definitely has improved the status & position of my website and It is so refreshing to do business with a person who you I feel can be trusted in preference to people within this industry who are often pushy & disingenuous and only interested in goals & targets and once they have your customer seem to loose interest very quickly.

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