Broadwood International

Creare were recommended to me via a colleague who used them before. They are extremely knowledgeable, helpful and proactive – always responding to my every need. The initial contact with one of the directors was very good, as they fully explained what we would get on completion and he was completely correct.

We required a completely new website with a SEO campaign alongside. Our previous website was very poor by comparison, offering us little in the way of Google success – something which was explained very clearly to our technophobe staff! The website looks class, it is very clean, easy to navigate and just as importantly pulls in the traffic via Google!

Our SEO campaign is working very well indeed. The plan was to get a certain amount of keywords to page one within 6 months. To be honest I was pretty skeptical about this, as some of the rankings didn’t even appear on a search! True to their word the phrases are now ranking very high, with some even at number 1! It is a long and arduous task, if carried out properly, but stick by it and Creare and you to will reap the rewards.

As part of a marketing team we always analyse our results, something which the SEO department are very proactive with. We have a very dedicated consultant who calls me fortnightly to discuss stats and anything they feel needs changing or we could benefit from. Having started the year with a poor and underachieving website, we now have something which not only brings in the traffic, but hot leads as well!

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