Our Work: Stoptober Post for VIP Electronic Cigarette

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Our fourth post in the ‘Our Work’ series showcases another of our e-commerce clients. Read on to view the work we have created and how this has benefitted our client’s campaign.

About VIP Electronic Cigarette

VIP Electronic Cigarette are an e-commerce client who sell vapourisers to customers all over the country. They sell their products online and in stores located around the UK, and are known for their quality products and ever-growing presence in their industry.


You can see the live content on VIP’s website.

The Aim

The aim of the piece was to drive traffic to VIP’s website, meaning more visits and more sales. The strategy chosen to do this included targeting a long tail phrase such as ‘stoptober electronic cigarette’ and creating a piece of content that would appear high in a search on Google for this phrase.

This phrase had a high search volume, and with Stoptober around the corner when this strategy came through, it seemed like the perfect chance to create some traffic. VIP also had some special offers on in light of the Stoptober campaign, and the client wanted to take advantage of the fact that we could advertise these deals. If you want to know more about long tail phrases and how we use them, see last month’s post which outlines everything you need to know.


The Creation

Long form doesn’t mean boring and as sections of this post were statistics-based, we used charts and symbols to add a visual element. Not only does this make the information more digestible, but it creates something that is interesting to look at as well as read. We also added in a YouTube video of Bill Bailey because, let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to watch a video of Bill Bailey?

The Outreach

Because of the time sensitive nature of this post, we have opted for a post-Stoptober outreach approach. We have a current strategy that we are working on at the moment, with a number of links lined up to outreach to. These bloggers will post information and experiences of life after Stoptober, and will reference and link back to the piece of content we created. We are looking forward to seeing the results of this piece in a few month’s time when our outreach strategy is well on its way.

The Results

This piece of content went live at the end of September and these results were taken one month afterwards:


Within only one month, this piece has gained a lot of engagement and has already assisted in one complete sale, as well as five interests. This piece was always going to do best in the run up to October due to the event it advertises, but with our outreach strategy we are hoping to see even more engagement later in the year.

If you want to talk to us about any of our content marketing strategies, or are interested in seeing more of our case studies, you can find all you need to know on our SEO page.

Featured image: Flickr – Joe Plocki