Our Work: Long Tail Piece for Goodwin Pest Management

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The third post in the ‘Our Work’ series finds us discussing the content we created for Goodwin Pest Management. This piece is a bit different to the others we have showcased as its success has been measured in another way. Unlike the other two pieces of content, this piece focused less on the visual and interactive side of marketing and worked harder to achieve success through long tail phrasing… more will be revealed later in the post.

About Goodwin Pest Management

Goodwin Pest Management works in the trade sector and provides pest management services in Kent. They are one of our local clients which means they focus on outreaching to one specific area of the UK.

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 11.58.19

The Aim

The aim of this piece was to use a phrase relating to their wasp nest removal service that had a high search volume on Google and then aim to rank high for this phrase. This was our focus as it meant we could pick a phrase that was being searched by a lot of people, and then work to be one of the first pieces of content shown on Google. By doing this successfully, we were guaranteed to get a high amount of people clicking on the page.

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 11.46.31

We use tools such as Google’s Keyword Planner and Answer the Public to find out how often a phrase is searched on the internet. The long tail phrase we chose was ‘when do wasps die out’ as we found that its search volume was high. We then chose three more phrases that had a high search volume and used them as the section headings for the piece. There are many factors to optimising a blog post such as this one, and they all relate to the key phrases chosen to focus on. You can find the content here. 

The Outreach

When the content was first uploaded, the piece ranked position 17 on Google. As discussed in my previous posts, when we create pieces of content like this, we outreach them to relevant websites to gain a larger following and build authority to the website.  At the end of August, we built a link on Selfbuilder & Homemaker that significantly increased the success of the content.

The Results

This piece of content went live mid June, and these results were collected 3 and a half months later:

final stats

Before we outreached the content, the page was ranking in position 17. After the outreach was done and Selfbuilder & Homemaker posted an article with a link to our content in it, the post skyrocketed to position three. It is now fluctuating between positions three and four and is ranking above Rentokil, Yahoo Answers, Daily Mail and BBC News.

Mail Attachment

This is great news for Goodwin Pest Management as the page views for this piece increased massively once the outreach was completed. The graph below shows the influx in page views from before the outreach process to after the link went live and highlights the success of the content.


Tune in next month for information on another piece of content created for one of our clients. If you would like to find out more about the work we can do for your website, visit our SEO services page.