6 Digital Marketing Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

The New Year resolutions have begun. Lots of people have already promised to go to the gym and only eat courgette spaghetti. But if you’re looking for targets to set for 2016 to improve your digital marketing campaign, we have some suggestions that are easier than finding the newest quinoa recipes. 

Follow a Marketing Strategy

This should be at the top of your New Year’s resolution list; a digital campaign cannot thrive without even a basic marketing strategy.

First thing is to review what you did over the last 12 months and see whether your previous efforts proved fruitful, as well as constructively assessing what can be improved upon for the coming year.

Of course in marketing, everything moves so quickly. Keeping your strategy up to date allows you to choose best practice rather than relying on what worked months ago.

Keep Your Blog Updated

Keeping your readers up to date is crucial for an effective campaign but only if the content is relevant. Don’t feel forced to create content every day; readers see through this and you may actually lose engagement as quickly as if your blog is outdated.

Choosing topics about should be planned within the strategy making it so much easier to choose the best writers for each post. For ad-hoc pieces such as conference write-ups or recruitment drives, you can slot these in and around your strategy as and when they are needed.

Make the Effort to Network

Learning and researching from others is what digital marketing is about, so making the effort to reach out and network with like-minded people should be part of your resolution list this year.

Make this the year you attend industry events and get talking to experts within your field to build relationships – who knows where this could lead?

Listen More to Your Audience

There is a rule within content marketing, which is ‘Write what your audience wants to read, not what you want to read.’

It’s really important that you listen to what your audience is asking for by researching popular posts within your industry (there are many tools you can use) and consistently reviewing the trends of posts you’ve written.

If your marketing isn’t engaging your target audience, review your strategy and see what changes you can make to answer their questions, concerns, or offer support and solutions.

Make Yourself Easier to Find

We all know that digital marketing works best using a combination of practices, but many businesses focus all their efforts on one area whether this be content, social or PPC, forgetting that together these make for better outreach.

This year, make it so you’re unavoidable online by appearing for your services high in the search engines through your Google My Business page, achieving results from your SEO efforts and of course, keeping up with all the other areas that you’re so good at already.

By helping your business thrive elsewhere online you will reap other rewards, which in turn, could help you achieve bigger and better goals.

Branch Out Social

We’ve already mentioned networking, but remember not to forget your social channels. For 2016, don’t just focus on the top 4x social platforms, but think about how Pinterest or Instagram can help your business.

There are so many social channels that support digital marketing campaigns of businesses that are not being utilised. For more information on how to make more of social channels, read our post here.