Magician FX

Hi Sarah, I have had a look through the website this past weekend 23.11.13 and I am extremely happy with your prompt reliable customer service and excellent quality work to date. Without doubt you have been the best web designer assigned to me (Which is 3 x Web Designers) due to the fact you listened to my concerns, worked through a list the large concerns and problems that I had brought up before over previous weeks but to no avail and was not getting my problems solved with previous web designers?

You have made me feel rest assured that Creare have quality caring people working for them and I would like for you to be my point of contact from now to keep the continuity up with the excellent service you gave me. You solved all my majors concerns after a days work by yourself all by reading 3 x longs e mails I sent you and you also rang me at the exact time you said you would to see if I was happy with your work you had carried out, excellent well done and thank you!

Therefore, thanks to work and ironing out the creases on the website, I wish to proceed forward in moving my domain name over to your server-hosting service if you can provide me the relevant forms and server IP address for Nominet to transfer my domain address of to your server and go live with my new website ASAP please.

I understand you have to undergo some quality audit trails internally and I have to fill in the direct debit form for hosting? If you can press ahead with the above, I will look forward to working with you again Sarah and maintaining the quality work ethic you have.

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