How to install JW Player 6

JW Player is an open source, lightweight, versatile media player for self-hosting video content on your website. JW Player is free for non-commercial use and comes with out-of-the-box features like analytics and support for HTML5 playback.

Unlike sourcing your videos directly from YouTube or Vimeo, JW Player provides otherwise missed SEO opportunities like the Video Thumbnail Rich Snippet for example.

The 6th Version of JW Player comes with some great new features and you’ll be pleased to know it’s just as easy as ever to install. It’s still free for non-commercial use – however we’ve noticed in the free version the JW Watermark is a little more intrusive and persistent.

Commercial-use pricing has also changed from  the one-off fee, to annual licensing of about £100 per year, or £200 for a premium license for up to 10 sites. Nevertheless, JW Player is still a fantastic solution in the right circumstances.

The two JS files for the head

In the video I highlight the two different JavaScript files that you need to run within the <head> of your web pages that are going to be showing videos. The second of the two, contains a tracking license key for enabling the built-in JW Player statistics, however this is not mandatory:

<script type="text/javascript" src="jwplayer/jwplayer.js" ></script>
<script type="text/javascript">jwplayer.key="ABCDEFGHIJKLMOPQ";</script>

The inline JS and empty container

Below is the HTML and inline JavsScript you need for embedding a video onto each page. You’ll also find the additional elements we used in the video, such as title, width and height:

<div id="myElement">Loading the player...</div>
        <script type="text/javascript">
                file: "jwplayer/video.mp4",
                image: "jwplayer/poster.jpg",
                title:"Example Video Title",

Looking to install JW Player 5.7?

We’ve recently updated this video tutorial to JW Player 6, however you can still find our JW Player 5.7 Tutorial on YouTube here.

Using WordPress?

It’s also worth noting that the guys over at LongTailVideo have built a fantastic WordPress extension for using JW Player 6.

  • andres

    I started the video extension. mp4, video extension. initiates flv well … any ideas to fix this?
    mail:…… thanks!!

    • Hey Andres, so just to clarify, you’re struggling to get the .mp4 extension to work whilst .flv’s work ok?

      • nibin

        I do have the same problem, cant play the video of .mp4 format, the version is 4.2

  • tying

    great, thanks your help!
    i think i have a problem,now. i want someone can share my video,like your website the share video buttom.
    how i can do it

  • nibin

    I cant have play the videos in ipad, wont start playing even in .flv or .mp4 format. The version of jwplayer is 4.5.2

  • jim

    I’m new to jwplayer and trying to get th free version to work. I’ve put the two scripts into the header of my web page and the div code into the body. The jwplayer folder is in the root. When I load the web page in my browser, the poster jpg is there and when I click to play the video I get the message “Error loading media, File not found.”

    Any idea what I’m doing wrong? Any help will be appreciated.


    • Hi Jim, it sounds as though the reference to your video file itself maybe incorrect. I’d be happy to take a look if you wanted to share the URL.

      • Jim

        Hi James,

        Thanks for your response. I’m working on an internal network and can’t provide access from outside. Let me see what I can to to set up an external site and get back to you l. May take a couple of days.


  • Thanks for sharing Jim. The mp4 file doesn’t look to exist at the location or filename you are specifying. For example check out: where you’re saying it is, alongside the thumbnail image: which does work ok.

    • Jim

      Hi James,
      I’m confused. I think I’ve specified the correct location for the mp4 file. Here is the directory listing followed by the html code. Maybe you can point out how to correct the code.
      Thanks, Jim

      • Hi Jim, as I mentioned the file path in your code for the mp4 file leads to a 404 error, whilst the file path to your poster graphic is fine which is why that loads is OK. JW Player looks to be functioning perfectly, it’s just that it cannot connect to your MP4. If you look in your remote folder (vid) can you see both files there? I think the only way I could support you with this, is if I had FTP.

        • Jim

          Hi James,

          I can give you FT User & PW via email. I don’t want to do it via these open comments.

          Do you have an email that will work?


        • Jim

          P.S. Both files are in the vid folder which has been renamed to video.

    • Jim

      Here is the html code (couldn’t get it in with the directory listing).

      Outer Limits VId


      Vid 1

      Loading the player…

      file: “./../vid/MVI_3218.mp4”,
      image: “./../vid/MVI_3218.jpg”

    • Jim

      I tried to send a jpg of the directory listing from a screenshot. Not sure if it got to you. Is there an email address I can use if that’s the case?

  • Alp Türkay

    hello i am trying to build the player too but could not manage to do it. I am not going to use the player commercially. Just to test on my computer. Can you help me?

  • moataz AL-Ali

    how can mack seek in time bar
    when click any point in time bar bat it can’t mack seek to the point was clicked
    please help me to seek in time bar

  • Wong Ndeso

    Pleaseee help me.. how to using jwplayer to blogspot? pleasee email your tricks to me..