Which Social Media Personality Are You?

Take the quiz below to find out which social media personality you are in a 90s teenage magazine style.

Do you over share?

If not, then we all have friends that fill your social feed with regular pointless updates. It’s all about balance in life and social.


Social Advice

The best advice I was ever given regarding engaging your audience on your social media channels is to approach it like being a friend – you talk but more importantly you listen!

Having a balanced content strategy is crucial, particularly if you are going to embark on a social media campaign for your business.

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  • Joe Read

    Turns out I’m ‘Balanced’. My feed is certainly full of ‘Oversharers’ though!

  • Josie Atkinson

    So I got ‘My Wonderful Life’ – May have to tone down the enviable updates haha!

  • Bal

    I got Social Observer….

  • Faith Bradley

    I’m totally balanced. GET IN.

  • Guest

    I got ‘Balanced’ 🙂

  • Nav Sekhon

    I got ‘Balanced’ yay 🙂

  • Tom McShane

    I thought I’d probably fall more into the ‘Social Observer’ category, but I think ‘Balanced’ suits me quite well. I know my fair share of ‘Over Sharers’ though….!

  • I got Social Observer! Happy with that!

  • Meredith Watts

    I got ‘Balanced’ – could name one or two ‘Oversharers’ and those who fall into the ‘We get it you have kids’ category in my friends list though!

  • Alice Hayward

    Pretty happy with my result… ‘Balanced’!