How to add Google Tag Manager with Analytics tracking to your WordPress site

Google’s Tag Manager has become an increasingly popular tool for website developers and marketers. In this video tutorial I walk through the simple process of integrating Tag Manager into a WordPress website and setting up Google Analytics as the first tag.

Since the launch of Google Tag Manager 2 in October 2014, usage of the tool has almost doubled in the past twelve months. In this video tutorial I walk through the process of:

  1. Setting up a Tag Manager account
  2. Creating a container for your website
  3. Integrating the Tag Manager code into your WordPress theme
  4. Adding Google Universal Analytics as your first tag
  5. Testing that the integration is working

I’ll be following up on this video tutorial with further Tag Manager tutorials. Keep an eye on this Tag Manager playlist for future videos.

If you have any questions or comments on integration, please share them below: