SEO Profit/Return/ROI Calculator

When choosing how much you are going to spend on an SEO campaign it’s vital that you work out whether the keywords you wish to rank for will generate a successful return on your investment.

This quick and simple SEO calculator will advise whether or not your chosen SEO campaign is likely to generate effective returns. It takes into account profits accumulated through your website through organic search minus your SEO campaign cost and is based on CTR (click-through-rate) and conversion rates of a typical ‘enquiry-led’ website and also an eCommerce ‘sales-led’ website.

You can tweak and change these values from within the options tab.

  • Position Visits Monthly Conversions Monthly Return
    1-3 -- -- --
    4-10 -- -- --
    1-10 -- -- --
  • These are estimates only and are designed to illustrate the potential return based on the SEO investment once sufficient rankings have been achieved.

Of course there are many factors involved in calculating the true ROI of any given SEO campaign – not least of all the amount of money invested prior to any keywords ranking positions 1-3.

It is important to note that averages between industries vary dramatically – both in conversion rate and competition levels.

The SEO calculator above simply provides a demonstration, based on several key statistics, as to whether sales generated through certain keyword rankings are likely to balance any investment that might be made into SEO.

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