Google announce Organisation Logo Markup

Since its release two years ago, not much has changed in the markup. Back in May however, Google announced support for their new Organisation Logo Markup. The new Organisation Itemprop allows webmasters to specify their website’s preferred company logo – which is handy as Google may soon be using these webmaster-nominated logos within the SERPS.

Here’s the new markup. It’s also worth noting that Google suggested in their blog that you should link your website’s logo back to the homepage of your site. Not only is this expected, good usability but perhaps something Google like to see too.

Barry Schwartz found a good example of the new markup in action. Go Ape are a UK company who have a company profile within a Knowledge Graph Box:

Go Ape appearing in the SERPS

I’ve circled above the logo that may eventually be replaced with the slightly different logo that the Go Ape website is specifying within their markup. Note the slight difference between the two logos.

Go Ape's Markup live on their website

So whether your website is big or small, i’d recommend adding this new markup to your website as Google may use it within existing and future result presentation within the SERPS.