How Curated Content Can Supercharge a Social Media Campaign

There is method behind the madness of sharing blog content other people have written. Whilst at first it may seem an alien concept and diversifying from the ultimate goal of driving people to your own website, all will become clear.

Arguably, social content is born from the fabric of this concept of sharing, retweeting and adapting content that is unleashed into the social sphere benefiting the 11230648_1095008823845580_8124103420726908860_noriginal source and bolstering your own presence.

What is Content Curation?

Curation may be something you associate with museums as they curate art to showcase in exhibitions. The thought process is the same when applied to content, simply sourcing the best most meaningful articles and presenting them in a valuable way for your audience.

The Whys and Hows

  1. Curated content is blog content that has already been created so you simply need to source it and promote it in an ethical manner. Leaving more time to be creative with your own social content posts!
  2. You will provide your audience with the best content that’s on offer with effortless style.
  3. By adopting curated content into your social strategy you create a symbiotic relationship with other blog owners and you may gain retweets which help expand your content reach to a whole new audience via twitter.
  4. If you are running a social campaign, aiming to captivate an audience and engage them through your products or brand values, then why not use independent sources online that support this. As humans, we are more likely to place our trust in a brand if independent articles support the message that is being portrayed.robber
  5. Think of curated content like a good alibi in a cops and robber scenario – it corroborates your story and adds dimension or context to your character.

As part of our balanced approach to produce social content for our clients, 25% as standard is curated simply because we know it works, so supercharge your social campaign today and give it a go!