Google’s Changes – The Aftermath

Tuesday April 21st bought a significant amount of hype on social channels but now that we’ve all calmed down (myself included), let’s take a look at how Google’s changes will begin to affect businesses like yours.


Group 1 – The Trend Setters.

Your websites are responsive. They look great and are user friendly on mobile phones, tablets and desktops alike. Users don’t need to shrink, stretch or scroll your site to get to the information they’re after. The experience is smooth, seamless and easy to navigate.

So all in all – congratulations! Google love this and will now be favoring your website in relevant searches that users make from a mobile device


Group 2 – The Clever Cloggs.

Your website isn’t responsive but you’ve taken the move to upgrade it. Good choice. Although Google won’t be favoring you right now, as soon as your upgrade is complete, you’ll be back at the top of their hit list. At that ‘Go Live’ moment your site will immediately begin benefitting from the algorithm change with Google favoring your site on searches for your business made on a mobile device.

Good move for jumping on the bandwagon.


Group 3 – The Undecided.

You don’t know what to do. You know your site isn’t responsive but you don’t know if you want to/can afford to splash the cash to upgrade it. My advice? Find out if your site has high mobile traffic or get someone else to find out. The reality is that if your site does have high traffic, the money you gain from leads will most likely far outweigh the cost to upgrade.


Group 4 – The ‘I Don’t Knows.’

It’s ok to be in this category. In fact, I’m surprised that more people aren’t because no one has ever given you a way of really checking your site. Well hopefully this time around, you won’t feel like picking up something heavy and throwing it at your screen as your read this article.

Creare have developed a mobile friendly checker that tests your site and give you a yes or no answer. Try it now.