Creare’s Creative Team Building – Part 1

At Creare we undertake many different team building activities, combining Web with SEO, Content with R&D to pull together and problem solve with only a very brief brief.

However, last Friday we invited the whole of Boughton Leigh House to a design challenge, which is set to be the biggest Team Building yet.

We’re planning to take our offices through a large transformation (pictures to come in time) as we’re looking to breathe a little more life into the walls, from the kitchen to the boardrooms. But to give everyone a chance to make their mark, we’ve set the challenge for teams of 5/6 to design a mural for a wall situated in our SEO Department.

The team can draw, concept or pitch whatever they want to include within their mural, before one of our Senior Team picks a winner. The winning design will then come to life on one of the main walls as a permanent fixture as part of the building.

From observing the teams across last Friday afternoon, there seem to be some very creative ideas floating around – many comprising the use of Pandas and Penguins. The competition seems to be in full swing and as this is the last week that the teams will regroup to decide on their final idea, tensions may be running high before the weekend.

At the moment, it’s hard to see which team will be the winner, but check back next week to see whose design was victorious!