Creare’s Winter Wolf Run

Warning: This post contains mud, sweat and tears from Creare employees.

Last Saturday (2nd of November 2013) 14 members of the Creare team braved the cold weather to face the Winter Wolf Run, a 10k trail run through Woods, Obstacles, Lakes & Fields. The event was held at Stanford Hall, a stone’s throw from the Creare office. The event was an excellent challenge for people of all abilities and in true Creare style the team started and finished as one. I think the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ works nicely, so enjoy!

Team Creare

The Creare team after the event, Still in one piece.

The Mud Dip

The Creare ladies braving the knee deep mud. (Jenni Griffiths, Lucy Christie & Clare Paine)

Water slide

Pete Frost & Luke Kennedy hold each others’ hands down the water slide.

Soap in the eye

Adam Moss overjoyed with the fact I have soap in my eye.

JB water

James Bavington working his way up stream “I was in Nam, you weren’t there man..”

Dimi cry for help

Dimitar Kovachev & Fliss Dudley in the ice cold water.

The end is near

Early celebrations from Andrew Allen & Jen Allen.

The final water stretch

Kieran Headley & Kevin Ord lead the way across the final water obstacle.

You can see the full resolution images on our Facebook page.