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CreareSEO 2

Here at Creare we have been optimising Magento websites for over 4 years and have learned a few tips and techniques along the way.

CreareSEO for Magento is the culmination of this experience and features a wide range of features that we deem to be crucial for on-site optimisation. Developed primarily for Magento CE 1.4-1.8 it is currently available to download via Magento Connect.

You can also download and collaborate with CreareSEO on GitHub

New Releases

Automatically-Enabled Features

Upon installation the following features are activated automatically:

  • HTML Sitemap Page
    We’ve enhanced and integrated our current HTML Sitemap extension into CreareSEO.
  • Meta Keywords (and empty description) Tag Disabling
    The redundant meta keywords tag and its default values are removed from theas well as empty meta description tags, which are no use to anyone!
  • Noindex category filters
    Robots noindex is set on category pages with query-strings in the URL – something that gets added by layered navigation filters.
  • Category H1 Heading
    First seen on GitHub, we’ve added an extra attribute to use as your H1 on category pages, meaning you can call it what you like without affecting your navigation menu.
  • Disabled Product Redirecting
    We’ve added the ability to redirect disabled products to categories and other products, meaning you’ll no longer have redundant links existing in search engines and the like.
  • Breadcrumb Structured Data
    Breadcrumb links are wrapped in Google’s own rich snippet schema for improved structured data.
  • XML Sitemap Fix
    We’ve removed the /home link and replaced it with your Base URL meaning you no longer have two versions of your homepage considered ‘home’.
  • SEO Options Checker
    We’ve added a page in the admin which checks your default Magento config settings, to ensure certain things have been done for SEO best practice.

SEO Check Page

Optional Features

Additionally we have provided tons of features that you can choose to configure and enable:

  • Duplicate Product Button Disabler
    You can remove the duplicate product button, meaning inexperienced users won’t accidentally create duplicate content.
  • Twitter Cards & Open Graph structured data
    You can enable structured data for Twitter and Open Graph on product pages for content-rich social sharing.
  • Performance Optimisation
    You can enable our cleanup scripts to run on a daily basis. Great for keeping certain database tables from growing out of control.
  • Product, Category & CMS Meta Title/Description Template
    Set your own default page titles and meta descriptions for products, categories and CMS pages.
  • Contact Page Title/Description
    Set a custom page title and meta description on your contact page.
  • .htaccess & robots.txt editor Editor
    Edit your robots.txt and .htaccess file in the admin (recommended for experienced users and web developers only)
  • Duplicate Product Attribute Validator
    Fight against duplicate content by adding some validation to your product editor. Can be configured to ensure no two product names, descriptions or short descriptions are the same.
  • Force Canonical Product Redirect
    Will ensure that non-canonical product URLs (such as those in categories) will automatically redirect to your canonical product – meaning no loss of link equity for that URL!

CreareSEO General Settings Page

By implementing good on-site optimisation you will naturally increase the effectiveness of common off-site optimisation techniques such as link-building.

The Creare SEO extension helps to fix common Magento SEO flaws inherent to Magento CE (1.4 – 1.8) such as duplicate content, and links that go 404 not found pages (such as disabled products). We have taken recommendations from our SEO team, who have many years experience optimising Magento websites and have encountered many issues over the years!

We’re always looking to improve our extension and if you feel that there are additional features that could help to make it better please feel free to let us know in the comments below.

  • Looks really great guys and combines a lot of the functionality I had bought via some paid extension. Looking forward to testing it out on a client’s site sometime soon.

  • Adam Moss

    If you go to Creare SEO > General Settings > SEO Settings, you need to set ‘Disable Empty Keywords and Meta Description Tag’ to YES. If you have default meta description fallbacks enabled for products then it should start using whatever’s in your config. If this isn’t working for some reason, there may be an issue in your installation. We’re happy to take a look at that for you, just contact us through the site.

  • Stefano Roncalli

    hi, I’ve installed this module but can’t see default meta title or description for categories and products. I’ve try to reinstall the module with no luck. I’ve installed fresh 1.8.1 magento and install through magento connect 2.0 the 1.0.3 version of creare seo. I’ve also try to disable empty keywords and meta description but the only goal is that now I see empty tags…

    • Adam Moss

      Hi Stefano, that’s odd. This works on our fresh 1.8.1 install… Could you contact us through the website contact form with FTP and admin access and I’ll take a look.

    • Mustafa Esad

      I have the same issue on 1.8.1. Altough I set all the settings I can’t see default meta title and descriptions for categories and products. What possibly cause that kind of problem?

      • Adam Moss

        The most likely cause of this is another extension rewriting Head.php as we have done. We’re going to look at doing this without block rewrites in future versions to avoid this issue. If you have this problem either contact us through the website or merge/extend the rewritten files.

  • rss

    Great Extension, however I just need to check if this extension is causing a issue with another extension. What is the best way to disable the module, change true to false for app/etc/modules/Creare_CreareSeoSitemap.xml & app/etc/modules/Creare_CreareSeoCore.xml ?
    Many Thanks

    • Hi Rss – that would do the job nicely – we’ve also added more description on our Magento Connect page for disabling / other issues

  • Steven Regitz

    I try since few hours to validate twitter product card but all the time I get a problem with twitter:image:src. What for a url should I insert there. My site is cached and if I enter a pirture url there but it doens´t work (Twitter message:Unknown aspect ratio). I know its a problem with Twitter and my site but after reading a lot of docs. I have no idea. In robots.txt I put User-agent: Twitterbot. Picture is 11kb.

    Than you for any ideas

  • Hello.
    After installation products pages stop loading.
    Magento ver.

  • OK.

    Solved by disabling Canonical Product Redirecting

  • Russ

    Hi, I’ve got a repeat of the topic below and can’t see default meta title or description for categories and products and the empty tags remain. The page you point to has links to extensions which seem to be dead, are you able to help?

    • Russ

      Hi Robert, did you miss my post, I see you’ve answered Ravi?

      • Hi Russ, Apologies! I did completely miss your post – I think I combined both yours and Ravi’s names in my head for some reason.

        Speaking of head.php – that’s possibly the issue – I think there is a conflict with one of your extensions and our Head.php rewrite – do you happen to have fooman speedster installed or an extension that also deals with meta information?

        • Russ

          Thanks for the reply. I’m not aware of anything that maybe causing a conflict, tbh I’m new to this. I know that we’re using something to compresscombine the scripts in the header but I don’t think the seo plugin was working before that was enabled. There was mention somewhere of a plugin that would detect conflicts but I couldn’t find it, are you aware of something that we could use to help identify where the problem is? Cheers

  • Ravi

    Hi, We installed this extension and found that it’s screwing up the breadcrumb url structure on our website. When we disable the extension the breadcrumb is working fine. We are on magento

    Can you help us to fix this issue? Thanks in advance


    • Hi Ravi,

      It’s due to the fact that the breadcrumbs.phtml gets replaced with our schema-laced version. To fix this simply copy your bespoke css classes into the new breadcrumbs.phtml file located in base>default>template>creareseo>page>html>breadcrumbs.phtml

      • Ravi

        Thank you’s pretty helpful

  • Val

    for some reason I have two category headings on bottom of page instead of one. How do I resolve?
    Category Heading

    Category Heading

    • Hi Val, as in you have two H1’s output on your category pages? Are they together and exactly the same? Please contact us offline with your site’s details and we will happily take a look for you.

  • LuizSantos

    Hi there,
    OK, I am trying to pass the link validation, but Twitter says my robot.txt is blocking images. How do I fix this?

    • Hi Luiz, are you referring to the Twitter cards validation? Please could you send us your URL either on here or offline and we can take a look for you and see if we can help.

      • LuizSantos

        Hi James, thanks for trying to help me, but I managed to fix the issue.
        It was robot.txt blocking twitter bot. On twitter there was an answer to fix this.
        I have replied the answer in another post somewhere. Thanks for the tool, it is great!

  • Peter

    Hi Rob,

    Might be a shot in the dark but with the extension active I’m prompted to re-index ‘product flat data’ after every product save. The same happens even with Use flat catalog product set to No and as soon as I de-activate the seo extension it stops happening.

    Do you have any clue what could cause this?


    • Joshua

      I have the exact same problem with one of my stores. I’ve tried every setting combination I could think of with no luck. I’m not sure what the consequences are so I’ve been skeptical to continue. I installed the extension on another Magento store and the problem has not occurred. All settings between both stores are the same.

      The only difference is the store that requires constant re-indexing of ‘product flat data’ has two store views, and uses a customer group catalog extension (allows to easily block access to certain categories for certain customer groups.)

  • iBeau

    I don’t quite understand what this will do “Enabling the ‘Default Page Titles and Meta Descriptions’ feature will dynamically create unique Page Titles and Meta Descriptions for your Category and Product pages.” How will it dynamically create unique titles and descriptions?

    • Hi iBeau, essentially enabling this feature will allow you to use the Page Title and Meta Description templates. i.e rather than being blank or using Magento’s sitewide template for Page Titles and Meta Descriptions, the plugin allows you to construct your own template format for them using the short-tags to ensure they are relevant and unique. Hope that helps.

  • Ravi


    We are on magento 1.7 and installed this extension. It’s working almost fine, but there is problem with the default meta title and description functionality. We have activated this feature for both the categories and products. it’s working fine for the categories when I checked with, but not working for products.

    Can you please let us know how we can fix this issue?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Ravi, for your products, have you input any custom page titles or meta descriptions on a per product basis via the CMS? The default templates will only appear if bespoke titles and descriptions have not yet been written. If these are blank, please could you contact me on twitter or via email offline and we can help you work out what the conflict is with your theme.

      • Ravi

        Hi James,

        I have sent you a mail with login details. Can you please look into the issue soon?


  • Izyshoes

    Hi, I installed your extension and I see you made great job. Your extension already save me hours of typing of meta descriptions…
    I have a question about URL rewrites.
    Actually, when I am enabling URL rewrites I am seeing the number of URLs to increase dramatically each time I am re-indexing.
    I believe that the site may become too slow at the end by adding about 6.000 new URL rewrites per day.
    Do you have a suggestion or solution?

  • Jérôme


    Config : Enable Unique Category Heading field to yes : dont work for me – Test on default & customized template (magento

    I have changed the name in the category page (field Category Heading is saved) but nothing is displayed in frontend

    I have two attributes :

    – creareseo_discontinued
    – creareseo_discontinued_product

    Maybe an attribute is missing ? : creareseo_heading ?

    My apologies for my bad english


  • Corzara

    I just installed this extension and the only part I could check was the SEO check, the other tools show a 404 error..
    The site crashes when I try to compile everything again in system > tools > compilation. I had to restore a backup and uninstall the extension. I don`t know what to do to fix it
    Please help!

    • Joshua

      I fixed the 404 error for this extension and a few others by logging out and logging back in with a new session. (Depending on your broswer settings you can log out and log back in through a new browser tab/window. However, the best way is to log out, clear the contents in your session folder “var/session” and log back in.) If you’re installing from Magento Connect in the future you can click “Clear all sessions after successfull install or upgrade” under the Magento Existing Extensions tab before you install.

      You may know this already since you stated “when I try to compile everything again” but you may want to check out this from the extension’s connect page:

      ” If you have Magento compilation activated prior to installing our extension please try the following:

      Disable our extension (as below)
      Disable compilation in System > Tools > Compilation
      Re-enable our CreareSEO extension
      Re-run the compilation process “

  • Jérôme

    Add feature : Pagination with rel=“next” and rel=“prev”

    • Adam Moss

      This has now been added to version 1.1

  • Jérôme

    Issue :

    With the last version 1.1.3 problem on my cart page and /checkout/onepage/

    There is redirect to cart page when i click on continue button after select shipping method

    • Jérôme

      Problem on checkout page (customer logged or not), when you click on “continue button”, you are redirected to the Shopping Cart page

      • Hi Jerome, Please can you try disabling our extension and checking to see whether the problem still persists? If it doesn’t and therefore appears to be an issue with our extension please could you submit a ticket through our help desk –

      • Hi Jerome, in fact – please could you now update to version 1.1.4 – we have released a quick bug-fix for ajax-based pages I believe this is the issue you are experiencing.

        • Jérôme

          My cart page and checkout page works with last version creare seo 1.1.4

          • Hi Jerome – that’s good news – thanks for letting us know

  • Daniel

    I love this extension. A feature missing is support for rich snippets. Any plans on adding it?

    • Hi Daniel, thank you for your support. Is there any specific Structured Data / rich Snippet mark-up that you’d like to see implemented in the extension?

  • Jérôme

    Category H1 Heading dont works for me : default or customized theme… my words arent display on front end (creare seo 1.1.4)

    • Hi Jerome,

      Can you submit this through our helpdesk please?

      • Jérôme

        It works now, i dont know why.. maybe since since I created new categories

  • Installed and working good, only change I had to make was the availability, had to change to ‘instock’ and ‘oos’ (out of stock) for the meta tag setting – don’t know if thats a new setting with facebook. It validated with facebook after that change

    • Hi Magefreelance – you’re probably right – Facebook do tend to tweak things every so often without notifying us – the cheek of it! We’ll give it a go our end and update in the next release if it’s changed

  • Jérôme

    Hi, maybe in config add feature yes/no : noindex,follow for https (google indexing home page in https and http)

  • E-W

    We added CreareSEO to our Magento install, but the tab did not show up. It does not seem to be working, but nothing seems to be broken either. Anyone else had this issue? It’s showing up as 1.1.4 (stable) in Magento Connect. Any advice?

  • Hi, I’ve made a slight modification to the social.phtml file so that you can output open graph related products as follows

    getRelatedProductCollection()->addAttributeToFilter(‘visibility’, 4);
    $re = $related_product_collection->AddStoreFilter();?>

    <meta property="og:see_also" content="getUrlInStore(array(‘_ignore_category’ => true));?>”/>

    This is useful for the pinterest gift list integration amongst other things

    • Hi Nigel,

      That’s a great piece of code – many thanks for that – we’ll see if we can include it in the next release 🙂

  • Kisstopher


    We installed the Creare SEO on our test magento installation ver. on a wamp server and the only page that is working now is the
    home page, all the other pages are giving 404 error. I have noticed that
    if I manually insert index.php in the URL then it works. For example;

    Not Found

    The requested URL /glo.magento/lighting was not found on this server.

    but if I edit it to /glo.magento/index.php/lighting then it works and takes me to the Lighting category.


    • Hi Kisstopher, Does your wamp server support mod_rewrite? It may be that the web server rewrites is causing the pages fail due to either no support for mod_rewrite or a lack of an .htaccess file with sufficient rules

      • Kisstopher


        We enabled mod_rewrite on apache, and used ‘RewriteEngine on’. Can you please assist us with getting the rewrite correct as your module expects it? It doesnt work yet.


        • Hi Kisstopher,

          It certainly sounds like an issue with the .htaccess file. Please could you try either a default magento .htaccess file or perhaps even our own htaccess file ( A standard Magento .htaccess file shouldn’t require any modification to remove the index.php from the links (as long as use Web Server Rewrites has been set in System > Configuration)

          • Kisstopher

            Hi Robert,

            Firstly, WAMP uses httpd.conf, there is no .htaccess in the root of apache. Also, we noticed that our Magento .htaccess file is completely empty.

            We tried your github .htaccess file, editing the rewrite conditions, inside the section to our local site on The WAMP file is called instead of mod_rewrite.c…. tried changing (and removing the condition as well. We can confirm the mod_rewrite works, we tried by using a RewriteCond to

            As for the site, it doesnt load at all when we use your .htaccess file.

            See the settings I edited: (note our WAMP site is running over the local network on

            RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^$ [NC]
            RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R=301,L]

            ##### Redirect away from /index.php and /home
            ##### Warning: This index.php rewrite will prevent Magento
            ##### Connect from working. Simply comment out the
            ##### following two lines of code when using Connect.
            ##### Please note – http://www. if not using www simply use http://

            RewriteCond %{THE_REQUEST} ^.*/index.php
            RewriteRule ^(.*)index.php$$1 [R=301,L]

            ##### Please note – http://www. if not using www simply use http://
            redirect 301 /home

            Options +FollowSymLinks
            RewriteEngine on
            RewriteRule .* – [E=HTTP_AUTHORIZATION:%{HTTP:Authorization}]
            RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/(media|skin|js)/
            RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
            RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
            RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-l
            RewriteRule .* index.php [L]

          • Hi Kisstopher, This sounds more like a Windows server vs Magento issue rather than our extension. There are some web config rewrites available here: that may help rather than using our own .htaccess (it looks like they’re doing a similar thing within rewriting the /index.php/ string

          • Kisstopher

            Thanks very much for your prompt assistance considering that this is a free extension. I know a lot of other paid extensions that don’t even come close when it comes to support. Would support you even when you decide to go to the next level and make your extension premium. Thanks once again. Will update you on progress.

          • Kisstopher

            UPDATE: We managed to sort out our .htaccess file and now your extension is working perfectly. Thanks.

          • Hi Kisstopher,

            Thanks for the update – glad you’ve got it sorted

  • Martin Shaisa Mufaro Luther

    Hi Guys

    I successfully installed the plug in and everything is working fine. The only problem is that my Contact Form page is no longer loading with the error that ; “This webpage has a redirect loop”. Any idea how to solve this?

    • Hi Martin, This sounds like it could be an htaccess issue – do you have any specific rules in your htaccess relating to your contact page?

  • Michael Tarr

    Regarding Product Validation > Force unique product descriptions – What happens if I enable this? There wasn’t anything in the video about this.

    • Hi Michael – this is a new feature – essentially it acts the same as the SKU field within > Add Product. If you enter an SKU that has already been entered for another product you will recieve an error message saying that there’s a product already with this SKU.

      The product description one is to stop people from throwing the exact same content into another product – therefore producing duplicate content problems which is bad for SEO. If exactly the same you will recieve an error on the Add Product page similar to the SKU field.

  • Casper

    Hi There, I must say I love the extension,works perfectly and saves a lot of time, great job guys! Just one questions, where is the stylesheet located for the sitemap? Thanks again!

    • Hi Casper – should be located within skin>frontend>base>default>css>creareseo_sitemap.css

  • Steve

    I had the extension working fine for a month, now I cannot load product pages, I get a blank white screen. When I enabled debugging I get the following.

    Fatal error: Call to a member function getFrontend() on a non-object in
    on line 93

    • Hi Steve, That piece of code relates to a function whereby we go and fetch the attribute value from a product – specifically to create the unique meta information on those pages. Have you updated to the latest version of the extension – 1.1.4?

      Hopefully this will sort your issue – if not please could you submit the issue through our helpdesk:

  • We’ve had to keep Force Canonical Product Redirect set to “No.” It’s stripping the AdWords tracking parameters from inbound links.

    • Hi Brett – yes unfortunately this does not carry across any parameters associated with the URL – if using tracking parameters for PPC / Marketing best to keep this option switched off

      • babiesandfools

        Does release 1.4 fix this issue?

      • Joseph

        Hi Robert – Just as per below I was wondering is this changed on the latest 1.4 version on github or this is just the way it is? Thanks btw, great plugin and will support you moving into the paid version for Magento 2.

        • Joseph

          Just for anyone else (as I got here via the first result in Google) it does look like the latest version fixes this from what I can see in the code in Observer.php where it puts back in the query string.

  • Oebel

    After installing the plugin and checking my website, I noticed that my site isn’t using any Meta Keywords. The Meta Keywords are not there and the default SEO check shows all green. What did I do wrong? The same settings used on a duplicate site are using the Meta Keywords perfect. Where to check further?

    • Hi Obel, This is because as part of improving the on-site SEO we completely remove the meta keywords tag for you – as it is no longer recognised or supported by most major search engines. Removing this tag is better than leaving the tag in but with the same default keywords on each page.

      If you wish to retain the meta keywords tag and use it (still some places that use it – but not many) then you can do so by changing the setting “Disable Meta Keywords Tag and Empty Meta Description Tags?” within System > Configuration > CreareSEO > General Settings

      • Oebel

        Ok, so basically you tell me that the site I use for meta tag analyzer isn’t up to date anymore. Is this correct? Otherwise I’m spending time for nothing 🙂 thanks for you quick reply

        • Meta Keywords is still available to be used but if you’re using it for the purpose of improving your rankings in Google you’re wasting your time – time better spent writing good product descriptions for each product 🙂

  • Amar


    How would we enable 301 redirects for disabled products?

    Great extension and contribution to the community keep up the good work.


    • Hi Amar, This should be available as an attribute within your manage products section. If you disable your product – you should also see a new attribute called “Discontinued” whereby you can select whether to redirect this URL or not.

  • Rob

    Hi, I followed a link from a site that mentions your extension can help with Rich Pins (Pinterest) but I can’t find anything that mentions this in the documentation. Can you confirm that is does handle Rich Pins integration?

    • Hi Rob, We do support rich pins – essentially they are the same as the Open Graph format – you’ll find the setting within System > Configuration > CreareSEO > General Settings > Enable Twitter Cards & OG Tags.

      We’ve combined all social into one template file – app/design/frontend/base/default/template/creareseo/social/social.phtml.

      Within here you will find the tags that are shown on the produt page if the config setting is enabled.

    • Rob

      Many thanks for that.

  • Giovanni Putignano


    I had problem installing your extension but I resolved myself (no answer after contacting you).

    Besides in google webmaster tools I get a lot of meta descriprion and title duplicated because are indexed both /myurl.html and /myurl.html?___store=gb&___from_store=it
    Is there a way not to index this kind of urls?

    • Hi Giovannia, Apologies if we did not get back to you – did you contact us through our support helpdesk? We try our best to get back to everyone but as this is a free open-source extension we cannot guarantee support for every query.

      It looks like your store switcher is causing duplicate URLs. Have you got your canonical settings turned on for products and categories? Also do you see these duplicates primarily on your product pages or category pages? With our extension any query-based URL should be noindexed through categories – but if you’re experiencing this problem on product pages then this might be the issue.

  • Hi Eric, This feature is optional – the setting to disable is within the configuration under System > Config > CreareSEO > General Settings – you will then have 3 options to disable NOINDEX for certain pages.

  • Hi Merinda, Unfortunately I cannot tell how your website has been created but for category pages such as the noindex appears to be applied correctly. This setting will only enable itself on core category pages – anything that is using the Magento category core feature. If you are using an extension or perhaps a CMS page to bring out a bespoke grid of items then our extension will not pick this up and will not apply the noindex.

  • Giovanni Putignano

    Yes, I contacted you through support helpdesk.
    I turned on canonical for products and categories 8only a few minutes ago I disabled canonical settings for categories because I read in an article that are not necessary because prev and next settings are enabled.
    I see these duplicates primarly on product pages but also for category and cms pages.
    After switching to the non default language I see in the HTML code “index,follow” instead of “noindex,follow”.

    • Hi Giovanni, The category pages should have the functionality to Noindex any parameter (?) based URL’s – however we have left this off of the product pages so that tracking codes / other extensions work correctly.

      When optimising Magento stores I’d personally always recommend taking as many precautions as necessary – this means keeping canonical on – noindexing pages you do not want showing up and also making sure that you are entering as much information into robots.txt as possible.

      I’ve written another post here on category pages in particular:

      The problem is that your parameters are on every type of page (product/category/cms) and therefore our extension does not have the ability to automatically noindex. We left this ability out so that we would not inadvertently stop marketing campaigns (that use utm_source etc in their parameters) and other extensions from working.

      Your best bet might be (if you’re proficient with code) to extend our module and adapt our code to take into account these other types of pages. The file in question would be app/code/community/Creare/CreareSeoCore/Model/Observer.php and the method is changeRobots. Within this method we check for different types of modules (catalog_category_view etc). You would perhaps need to create another scenario to take into account ‘catalog_product_view’ and perhaps even ‘cms_page’ and repeat the same code to apply the noindex to the layout information.

      I hope this helps!

  • Giovanni Putignano

    Many thanks Robert. I’m not able to extend your module. I think that this problem is common to many merchant that have more languages installed.

    • Giovanni Putignano

      I answered without replying, sorry.

  • Hi,

    I think I may have discovered a bug. Magento CE 1.7.02, CreareSEO 1.0.2. Here’s the error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined method Creare_CreareSeoCore_Helper_Data::getDiscontinuedCategoryUrl() in /app/code/community/Creare/CreareSeoCore/Model/Observer.php on line 36.

    I reset a category to Is Active: No Include in Navigation Menu : No. I then manually navigated to the category page on the front end & bam!

    Setting the category Is Active : Yes fixed the error


  • Creare is listed in cloudways blog between 16 SEO Extensions,
    Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts about your experience. I hope you will enjoy.

    • Thanks for sharing our Free Extension Fahad and the great write-up, We’re currently working on our premium version and also an updated free version too – let us know if you’d like a free copy of the premium version to check out our new features.

      • Hi James, we at Cloudways love those who make apps amazing by building useful extensions such as yours.
        Yes definitely we would love to have a copy of premium version of your extension and check it out. I just drop an email trough your contact form, Please get in touch with me

  • Casper K

    Hi m8, I love your work great plugin, yoast’s seo plugin for magento, great job! Just one question, currently my products and categories have the .html extention. I would like to change this, as you recommend in the seo check.

    The problem is, some of the product categories have rankings, is it best to put 301 redirects manually in order to keep those rankings? Or would you not take the risk in changing them.

    I’m curious to hear your thoughts on this.

    Thanks again for the great plugin!

  • Johnny Elliott

    Two questions :

    1 – what is best practice if a item is completely discontinued ? Normally we have been deleting it from magento.. I noticed if we set to disable we can 301 it back to a parent category. What about sub category’s, if a collection is completely discontinued 301 it back to parent and disable? or delete?

    2. – I have 1.7.02 I installed this extension correctly and I really like the features but I might have to uninstall it because it constantly asks to re-index when saving a product even if you edit the name of a product or product description. I’m not the only one with this issue and yes we have two store views/stores setup on one magento are previous comments about this issue..


    I’m prompted to re-index ‘product flat data’ after every product save. The same happens even with Use flat catalog product set to No and as soon as I de-activate the seo extension it stops happening.

    Do you have any clue what could cause this?

    Share ›

    Joshua Peter • 4 months ago

    I have the exact same problem with one of my stores….The only difference is the store that requires constant re-indexing of ‘product flat data’ has two store views…

    • James Stubbs

      John, I had the same trouble with my Twitter cards displaying a negative price. I think it has something to do with tax. Anyway, if you want to fix your Twitter Cards just navigate to app/design/frontend/base/default/template/creareseo/social and edit your social.php file. When you open the file look around line 15 for content=”-getPrice($_product, $_product->getFinalPrice(), true); ?>” /> and replace it with content=”getFinalPrice(),2) ?>” />

      That should fix your Twitter Cards right up and get your prices displaying properly. By the way this is the same code used for the OG Tag. Hope this helps!

      • Johnny Elliott

        Thanks! I just removed the “-” by content=”-getPrice……..” that removed the -$xx

    • James Stubbs


      To fix your Twitter Cards just follow the instructions below

      In your stores root directory navigate to app/design/frontend/base/default/template/creareseo/social

      Edit your social.phtml file following the instructions below

      Locate around line 15

      <meta name="twitter:data1" content="-getPrice($_product, $_product->getFinalPrice(), true); ?>” />

      and replace it with

      <meta name="twitter:data1" content="getFinalPrice(),2) ?>” />

      And now go check your Twitter Cards and you should see your prices being displayed properly.

  • The SEO Template Manager Extension helps you to set the SEO attributes of CMS, Product and Category pages of online store thus optimizing your e-store.

  • Richard

    Hello, do you need to write to htaccess for this?
    I’m using nginx as my webserver, will this extension works?

  • victor cantore

    facebook debugging tool was giving me an error for the og:availability tag, so just change it to the proper codes: instock, oos or pending. Here’s the code:
    <meta property="og:availability" content="isAvailable() ? ‘instock’ : ‘oos’) ?>” />

  • dany

    thank you for this great module I have a problem after installing the module, I can not find the sitemap.xml file, he has been moved or renamed ??? So I can not give my sitemap on google. thank you for your help

    • Hi Dany, the sitemap.xml should not be effected with the installation of our module – unless perhaps there’s a rule in your .htaccess file that’s overriding? Please check that your sitemap.xml has been generated by Magento and that you can access it through the admin area

      • dany

        yes actually I did not see the need to create the file with magento and not with the module. I thought it was the module that I had erased the file. sorry and thank you for your answer.

  • Hi, I use your extension and the most part it is great, however the Discontinued Redirects do not work, they result in 500 errors not matter what selection I choose. What is causing this and how do I go about fixing it? Thanks

    • Hi David, Are they conflicting with the htaccess rules?

      • I don’t see how as the htaccess has no special rules or changes made. Any suggestions?

        • Lmrn

          Same issue here with Nginx. Any info ?

  • Mickey

    is this extension compatible with EE 1.12 ?

    • Hi Mickey, we have not tested this extension on EE, so I cannot say. If you want to try I suggest in a purely test environment.

  • Rick

    Twitter cards and Facebook shares contain the HTML tags (the “greater than” and “lower than” are ASCII resp. HTML encoded), .e.g.

    • This is fixed in our upcoming release.

  • Jerry

    I am using Magento 1.8.1 and version 1.1.7 of your extension. The default meta data systems does not seem to work. I have ran the checker and I have a green light on all the checks. Is there any reason why it’s not working?

    • Hi Jerry, is it not working on all of the meta titles/descriptions or just products or categories?

      • Jerry

        Hi Adam,
        We’ll the problem was just products. But I figured out that if I null the meta data in the product it works properly. I guess I was assuming it overrides the existing meta data no matter what was there. With would have been difficult if you wanted to make a custom meta data rather than using the default. I appreciate your help!


  • Siemed

    Hi, I just installed this extension on our dev website, but I get the following error “Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry ’11-General’ for key ‘UNQ_OZSS_EAV_ATTR_GROUP_ATTR_SET_ID_ATTR_GROUP_NAME'” any idea why and how to fix this?

    • Hi Siemed,

      This will be caused by the attributes added to products for disabled product redirects. Could you check the product editor and see if the attribute ‘Discontinued’ is there? If so, the script has already ran and for some reason is trying to run again. Alternatively it might be an issue with the fact we’re trying to add the attributes to the attribute group ‘General’. You can edit /sql/mysql4-upgrade-1.0.0-1.0.1.php and change ‘group’ => ‘General’ to something else.

      Feel free to get in touch via our help desk and we can take a closer look.

      • Siemed

        Hi Adam,

        Thank you for the quick reply, I checked the attributes and you are right. There already is a attribute ‘Discontinued’. We use several attribute groups, do I just choose one? I was searching for a solution for discontinued products, it would be great if this extension solves this.

        • Adam Moss

          Hi Siemed, if you check the database, the core_resource table should have a record of creareseo_setup and next to it should be 1.1.7 – this will stop the setup scripts from running if they have already ran.

      • Siemed

        Hi Adam,

        I’ve renamed the SQL php files and it looks like the extension is working. Just one question, when I disable a product I still get an 404 error when I visit the old URL? Is there something more I should do?

  • Kevin

    Hello, we are seeing a lot of errors similar to below in our logs after installing your module. Any thoughts? Thanks!

    2014-10-19T08:00:03+00:00 ERR (3): Warning: Missing argument 1 for Mage_Core_Model_Cache::canUse(), called in /chroot/home/website/html/app/code/community/Creare/CreareSeoCore/Model/Cleanup.php on line 36 and defined in /chroot/home/website/html/app/code/core/Mage/Core/Model/Cache.php on line 517

  • Toni

    Hi everyone, I am using Creare Seo which is working well but I have one problem. The Creare_CreareSeoCore_Model_Sitemap_Sitemap is in conflict with our AW Blog sitemap. Could somebody help me? Thanks

    • P0ZiTR0N

      It’s easy to solve: edit app/etc/modules/AW_Blog.xml to:

      • Toni

        Thank you for your answer! I changed the AW_Blog.xml file as you suggested but still conflict…

        • Toni

          here is screenshot

  • gokkus


    After update i see, there is the breadcrumb on the homepage in my multishop, but only in second shop. Is there a way to delete it? Because i have a custom design, it doesn’t look good and on my first shop there is not.

    Best Regards

    • cmason

      Hi Gokkus,

      While your post is six months ago, you can customize the Breadcrumb to match your custom design, which is what we did. Change the file under app/design/frontend/base/default/template/creareseo/page/html/breadcrumbs.phtml to make your design because breadcrumb is good for SEO and your customers.

  • Mark Binns

    Force Canonical Product Redirect
    Will ensure that non-canonical product URLs (such as those in categories) will automatically redirect to your canonical product – meaning no loss of link equity for that URL!
    Does that do the same as
    Catalog > Search Engine Optimizations > Use Canonical Link Meta Tag For Products
    Set to “Yes”
    under system > configuration.

    Are there any possible conflicts?

    • Hi Mark – The “Use Canonical Link Meta Tag for Products” switches on the tag on product pages. The redirect will automatically 301 to this same url (typically when a user visits the product page via another page e.g. The idea behind this is to reduce the number of duplicate pages where possible backlinks could be given and redirect them all to the same page.

      The only problems we have experienced with this setting are when you are using tracking codes for example when tracking PPC on individual product pages (it’ll remove the parameters)

      • Mark Binns

        Hi Rob,

        That makes perfect sense and I understand the issue with parameters. I usually handle this using 3 of Magento’s native settings:
        System configuration > Catalog > Search Engine Optimizations > Use Category path for Product URLs. We always set this to no.

        System configuration > Catalog > Search Engine Optimizations Use Canonical Meta Tag for Categories to Yes

        System configuration > Catalog > Search Engine Optimizations Use Canonical Meta Tag for Products to Yes

        If we have already done this Should we set the “Enable Canonical Product Redirecting” on the creare extension to NO or does it have a different function to the above?

        • Hi Mark,

          The problem is whether you want to trust that the canonical will always work for you.

          Even when setting Use Category path for Product URLs to NO the product is still accessible via the category or product/view/id path. The redirect is simply another layer of security to ensure that only one version of the product page is found / displayed.

          We have had occasions where the canonical tag has failed to prevent these duplicate pages being indexed – this doesn’t seem to happen to everyone though.

          I believe it would be worth doing if your website was already live for some time and then you decided to turn that setting on – the redirect would then pass more link equity to your canonical pages than the canonical tag itself.

  • Koen Wijnstok

    Yesterday I’ve installed Creare in my webshop. Everything works fine except the “Discontinued SKU Redirection”. In system.log there is also the next line. What can I do to create this field in the DB?

    2014-12-18T08:09:22+00:00 ERR (3): Notice: Undefined variable: sku in /app/code/community/Creare/CreareSeoCore/Helper/Data.php on line 26

  • Lars Adolfsen

    Great module, thanks 🙂

    We have one small problem. We use the module to autowrite our meta descriptions. It includes the [price], but it doesn’t show right:

    The price (number) should be written like this:


    Link to website:

    Can you help me fix this?

    Best Regards


    • Hi Lars, I would recommend taking a look at the template base/default/template/creareseo/social/social.phtml and changing the line that displays the price to 2 decimal places (or however the currency you are using needs to be displayed).

      It is typically getFinalPrice(),2) ?> but you might wish to change it to getFinalPrice(),2); ?> instead

      • Lars Adolfsen

        Thanks, I will look into that.

        I got another problem with the meta descriptions: “&” shows up like &

        Thank Lars

        PS. I didn’t see this post and posted the question at Magento Connect, just before I went back to check here. Sorry :0(

        • Lars Nørrelykke Adolfsen


          The “&” problem solved it self :/

          But I can’t get the [price] to work.

          The code:
          <meta property="og:price:amount" content="getFinalPrice(),2); ?>” />

          The Meta description:
          Køb [name] for kun kr. [price]. [Hurtig levering – Lave priser – 90 dages returret

          The output:

          An extra question – What is the [tag] for availability (‘in stock’ : ‘out of stock’)?

          Thanks for your support.


          • Sebastian

            Hi, did you find an answer for that? [price] in meta description doesn’t format the output. Thank you!

        • Water Filter Mart

          I went into my magento database and changed every table that had for decimal, or price from 12,4 to 12,2 Also if it showed 0.0000 , I changed it to 0.00 Now my whole website is correct with my USA currancy. Then for the meta to show selling price, I used [special_price]

  • Hi there,

    We have been using this module but we also recently installed Ajax Cart Pro from Aheadworks. it seems that the Enable Canonical Product Redirecting setting is causing an issue in app/code/community/Creare/CreareSeoCore/Model/Observer.php (method forceProductCanonical();). It prevents configurable options appearing in the ajax cart. Is there a possible workaround here? Headwords tell me that their code is open source to make changes.


  • loeffel

    Very useful extension, thank you for this!

    I have one problem however, I can not get the default product title to work, no matter what I enter here, the title will not change.
    I know the extension is doing something as a custom modification I have made at appcodelocalMageCatalogBlockProductView.php will not take effect if the extension is active. I have checked for extension conflicts but none are present.

  • Farzan


    Great extension. I installed your extension in my magento and I added this code in my robots.txt

    User-agent: Twitterbot-Image

    User-agent: Twitterbot


    But I am getting error in twitter card validation
    ERROR: Blocked by robots.txt (twitter:image)

    How can I fix it?


    • farzan

      I just figure out my problem. As we are using CDN, just I updated our robot.txt at CDN server and problem solved.

  • Faramarz

    thank you for this useful module.
    I successfully installed the plugin and everything works fine but I have one problem. The only problem is that my Catalog pages ( in front end) is no longer loading with the error that ; “This webpage has a redirect loop”.

    Can you help me fix this?

  • Giulio

    Hi, I can’t install creare seo on site with ssl. Magento connect manager show me this error:

    community/creareseo: error:14077410:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:sslv3 alert handshake failure

    How can solve it?


    we are getting this error on contact us page, help needed to solve
    Fatal error: Call to a member function setTitle() on a non-object in /home/jpcomput/public_html/app/code/community/Creare/CreareSeoCore/Model/Observer.php on line 197

  • david comercial

    hello , the title of the product not being changed , can help ?

  • Royk

    Hello guys, I have a conflict with the Aheadworks Blog module. The conflict is with the sitemap. Copy / paste:Mage_Sitemap_Model_Sitemap Model Creare_CreareSeoCore_Model_Sitemap_Sitemap

    How can i solve this?

    ps, I enjoy the creare module a lot!

  • Hello ,
    “Default Page Titles and Meta Descriptions” not working it use native magento

  • Rajeev


    I wanted to take your advise on this – we have an existing Magento website with over 1500 products. We wanted to do major restructuring of the categories now wherein new categories will also be created and many products will be moved over too to different categories. How do you advise to go about this exercise so that there is no or minimal loss of current SEO rankings and traffic? Can your extension help in anyway in this whole exercise?

    Appreciate your timely advise.


  • metalbox


    Thanks for your great extension. one query i have is that the robot txt is throwing up a large number of warnings in webmaster tools relating to the “/catalog/product/view/id/….” product pages. i take it these are one’s we can safely ignore.



  • mowapp

    Hi, on Magento 1.8.x we’re having a conflict apparently between Creare SEO and AW Ajax Add To Cart. Is there any email we can send our findings to?

    • Hi there, look at my reply:

      “Found the problem, disabled “Force Canonical Product Redirect” and now it works like a charm, have a good weekend m8!”

      This solved it for me.

  • very nice extension for SEO. thanks for sharing it with screenshot for easy understand. very nice work done .keep it iup..

  • David Smith

    This extension broke my website -avoid!!! This has removed our ability to change meta titles all together.

  • David Smith

    How do i delete this?

  • Grant


    I am having difficulties installing
    the extension. After I click the install button I get a message:
    extension dependencies. The extension does not install.

    Can you please advise the best way forward.

    I am on verions

  • Matt

    I can’t seem to get the price or availability to display in facebook, twitter, or pinterest. Can someone please help me with this?

  • Arne

    Hey there, is there any chance you will ad the “Noindex category filters” function for CMS Pages in a future version, too? I like to include products into cms pages. But the default magento insertion usually comes with the filters attached. This way the whole duplicate content issue which should be fixed by the extension is back. Would be a great feature.

  • Andy Kelly

    Question here – where do you pull the attributes from with which you’ll create the page titles/metas? E.g., [name] or [store]? Are these from the actually magento attribute sets, or are they outlined in template files?

  • Is there an ability to include no follow on catalogue filter or search results pages?

  • Marcos Benatti

    I get this extension from github, unzip, cleared my cache ( compiler are disabled ), do logout and login but nothing happened, the files are in my magento folders but the extension do not show,
    Someone can help me? maybe this is a conflict? I get nothing in var/log. How I can debug this? (magento version 1.9.2)

  • Ian

    Regarding SEO extension, I rely heavily on categories showing in google as we do not sell major brand products, does you extension create a no follow for categories?

  • Great extension.

  • I’m yet to try out a Magento SEO extension, but I’ve just starred this on GitHub 🙂 Can’t wait to check it out.

  • nice extension for SEO. thanks for sharing it…

  • Frederick Mancer

    any new product does not display after adding this extension – it returns the following error – Fatal error: Call to a member function getFrontend() on a non-object in /app/code/community/Creare/CreareSeoCore/Helper/Meta.php on line 93

  • Chris

    The discontinued product “redirect to category” functionality works well if the discontinued product is assigned to a single category, but if assigned to more than one category the redirect doesn’t work and instead results in a 404 error when accessing the product.

    Could the extension be updated to redirect to eg the first category that the product is assigned to? Alternatively, can we add this functionality and give you the updated code?

    • Tiger

      Did they update the code?

  • Val

    where does the redirect of discontinued product write to? I did not see in in the htaccess file.

  • Vishal Solanki

    When uninstalled, and compilation run, there is error. Warning: class_parents(): Class Creare_CreareSeoCore_Model_Observer does not exist and could not be loaded in /home/XXX/public_html/app/code/core/Mage/Compiler/Model/Process.php on line 353

    I dont understand, why even after uninstalling it is throwing this. Can you please help and compilation error free is very important.

    • Fabio Baron

      You must find some kind of name that is replicating somewhere in your project or look in a table, there must be at least some file with a class name or an update in a table that is created, sorry if my English is not very good I am Colombian a greeting

  • Sounds great in theory. Going to see how it works in reality 🙂 Thanks.

  • Casper K

    Hi guys, I would like to change the URL of the HTML sitemap, in which file can I change this? Thanks!

  • Merinda Lyons

    Hi Guys This extension looks very good. I can’t find this extension on Magento connect. Can you please share the url from where I can download this extension.

  • Merinda Lyons

    Can you please share the url from where I can download
    this extension for magneto 1.9

  • Dung Dinh Thi

    I used this extension for my website, setting up Twitter Creator, Twitter Site, Enable Twitter Card & OG tag but them still not showing.
    Anyone can help me resolve this problem?

  • Ivan Rincon

    Is the extension available for Magento 2.0?

  • Giulio Orsi

    The discontinued product “redirect to category” functionality works well if the discontinued product is assigned to a single category, but if assigned to more than one category the redirect doesn’t work and instead results in a 404 error when accessing the product.

    Could the extension be updated to redirect to eg the first category that the product is assigned to? Alternatively, can we add this functionality and give you the updated code?

  • diana

    can someone show where i can download the extension for magento 1.9?

  • David

    Does it work without problems with magento 1.9 on an nginx based server or do I have to make modifications?

  • Im looking for a M1 solution which will solve my current 404 problem. I have a “SALES” category where I put products into when they are on sale and when sale is over I move them back to their main category. The problem is, when I move products out of the SALES category and put them in category X. Then the old product url will give me a 404 error. Example sales/nike_shoe will no longer work, if the product is moved to sportshoes/nike_shoe and I prefer not to make the redirection by hand. I hope some of you have a soluton 🙂