Content Marketing Run Down – Brighton SEO ‘15

So we headed down to the coast last week to attend one of the biggest SEO & digital marketing conferences in the UK – BrightonSEO

Key Takeaways

Much of the information from a content perspective was not anything that we weren’t already;

  1. Doing
  2. Aware of

But there are always things to pick out as key takeaways and for me these were:

  • Pitching an idea not a format – Hannah Smith: Distilled
  • Re-enforcement of what your target audience wants to know & interests them – Paul Jackson – Reload Digital
  • 20 – 30% of content strategy is data led – Simon Penson: Zazzle Media


Favourite speaker of the day

My favourite speaker at the conference was Hannah Smith from Distilled ‘How to Develop & Pitch Creative Ideas’

Not only was the presentation brilliantly executed (as always) but it struck a chord with what we’ve experienced when trying to identify a good idea and being confident to go ahead with it for our clients.

Hannah used great examples of how one piece of content can get better results than expected, yet a similar piece can flop – something I’m sure we’ve all experienced first hand.

Finally, the great thing about this is ensuring you know what you and your clients expect to get from a piece of content as there can be a huge difference in the amount of links vs. social interactions from one piece to another.

Summarising Brighton in 5 words

Interesting, inspiring – definitely not boring!

Quote of the Day

For me it had to be from Hannah (again), which was regarding the ‘idea not format’.

It’s easy to get excited by a new format, like infographics and interactive quizzes, before a viable idea is even discussed.


Round up of the Best Talks

Paul Jackson’s talk on ‘Content Strategy vs. Content Clutter ‘was really interesting. Using his experience of choosing a wedding photographer, he demonstrated how content influenced his decision and how powerful the wrong content can be to using a service or choosing a product.

Steve Morgan’s ‘Co-ordinating a ‘Content Blitz’ Campaign on the Cheap‘ was a key talk as it re-enforced the necessity of preparation and planning ahead for any deadline.

Steve used the example of his parent’s recruitment agency and a milestone of the business’s 25th birthday. How he divided the strategy from a local perspective was interesting and something I’ll be looking to adopt for our range of local campaigns.
All in all, it turned out to be a fantastic day seeing some familiar faces with the sun shining.