Capsule View of All Things Social at Brighton SEO 2015

It was my first experience of Brighton SEO, which was by all accounts the busiest year to date. A sea of SEO experts could be found queueing around the streets of Brighton waiting with anticipation for the doors to open.

Social featured in many of the talks throughout the day from; social image sharing, to the part social plays in amplifying content. Therefore I have encapsulated these into some key headline points….

Key Takeaways:

  • Implement Twitter cards & the relevant open tags
  • Optimise your social images & create simple graphics with contrast that are easily customisable. (Sprout Social have a great guide on this.)
  • Make sure your social content is mobile friendly
  • Coordinate your content calendar & social amplification with a ready with a structured outreach strategy too!
  • Develop creative ideas for social & content that have longevity, achieving the end goal!
  • Remember the difference between an idea & format!

Brighton SEO in 5 words?

Submerse yourself in data, knowledge & expert opinions…
(okay so it’s not technically 5 words!)


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Quote of the day:

“People don’t share formats they share ideas!” Hannah Smith


Favourite Speaker of the day:

There is no contest for my favourite speaker of the day….. drum roll please…….it goes to the Hannah Smith from distilled – How to Develop & Pitch Creative Ideas! (@hannah_bo_banna).

A vibrant talk filled with personality that grounded the creative process into a logical digestible format of successes & failures with the art of spotting a good idea being the ultimate conquest!

We fall into the trap of discussing formats not ideas….’Lets create an infographic….’ ‘ How about a video?…..’ ‘What about a downloadable guide?….’

The above is part of a series of Creare’s Brighton SEO write-ups, click here to read more about the event from a content perspective.