Adobe close down their free BrowserLabs tool

Sadly in Team Blog yesterday, Adobe announced they would be shutting down their popular online tool – BrowserLab. Browserlab was a simple, free online tool where developers could test the rendering of their website in old browsers like IE6.

Originally launched in 2009, I was an early adopter and can remember the new Browserlab bridge within Dreamweaver CS5, allowing for one-click testing on the page I was currently working on.

But like many other designers I moved on. I eventually switched to a more in-depth testing method as Browserlab’s inability to interact with the page made it a very limiting tool. Sadly, inevitable usage decline and changing technologies has led Adobe to move on and focus their efforts on Adobe Edge Inspect.


Adobe Edge Inspect looks to be a fantastic tool, however it is limited to testing your work on predominantly mobile devices. Although not free, I can thoroughly recommend Browserstack as the best online solution for testing your websites on both desktop and mobile browsers.

Browserlab. Rest in peace, we had some good times.