Back To Basics Part 5: The Strategy

The past few weeks we have spoken about some of the most important rankings factors for your SEO campaign and what you should be doing to get it off the ground. We have spoken about Technical/Onsite SEO, Links, Content and the very basics of what SEO actually is and how it could help your business grow.

We established that all of the above are important and that you need time, patience, creativity and a keen eye for your campaign if you want it to succeed. Just to reiterate there are over 200 ranking factors for SEO and above is not the golden recipe to getting those all important rankings. You need to be studying your movement in regards to changes made not only on your website, but those of your competitors because if they are moving above you on Google then you need to find out why.


I’ve given you the basics and now you’re probably wondering where to start with all of this information, and this leads us onto the final and most important part of your campaign for it to work for your business; the strategy.

You need to set yourself a timeline and stick to it as much as possible. Don’t allow yourself to stray away and get into the mindset of “it can be done tomorrow” because that could be the day your competition beats you in rankings, and in turn potentially takes customers from your business and straight into theirs instead.

Set it out from the beginning like:

  • Week 1 – Strategy Confirmation
  • Week 2 – Onsite/Technical SEO Alignment
  • Week 3 – Citation Alignment
  • Week 4 – Backlink risk assessment

and so on, slowly you’ll have completed the basics and then can use your time to assess everything at once. One week you could focus on updating your onsite SEO and the next decide to do some link building etc.

SEO is not a part time marketing resource and you must be able to stay on top of it to ensure that you are giving it the 100% that it needs. If you don’t have time to maintain it, hire someone that does and chances are they’ll have expertise in the field and will produce the results you were looking for more quickly, exceeding your expectations of what SEO could do for you.


If you have any questions on this post, or the ones before it or anything SEO based at all, you can tweet me – @seoonsite.