CreareSEO for Magento v1.2

It’s been a while coming, but I’m happy to finally announce that CreareSEO has been repackaged and upgraded to version 1.2! This update comes with our brand new shiny logo, a few bug fixes and some helpful new features.

An Award-Nominated Extension: Since the last update CreareSEO has also been nominated for a UK Search Award for Best SEO Software:

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1.2 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Twitter Cards by releasing the minus symbol in front of prices.
  • Stripped HTML from Twitter Card and OG descriptions
  • Cleaned up a few minor bugs left in error logs

1.2 Features

  • Added support & info section to the top of the General Settings configuration page
  • Added Universal Analytics tracking which can be switched on/off via the configuration
  • Added Sitelinks search code to the homepage
  • Added config option to make image labels compulsory when editing products via the admin
  • HTML sitemap is now fully translatable

Depreciated in 1.2

  • Depreciated the product validation feature due to reindexing issues

Feature: Universal Analytics

Universal Analytics is a different type of Google Analytics to the one that comes pre-installed with Magento. It enables many more features that give website owners access to much more diverse and detailed data about their users.

We have allowed Universal Analytics to be enabled (disabled by default), and have also included the ability to switch on demographics/interest reports. We have also included an area to add extra tracking code if you wish to do so. Finally, don’t worry about the ecommerce tracking – we have ensured that this continues to be tracked using the new Universal Analytics tracking code.

Universal Analytics Settings

Ensure that you enable Ecommerce Tracking in your Google Analytics account to capture ecommerce transactions in the Conversions section. A successful transaction will provide tracking code that looks like this:

ga('require', 'ecommerce');
ga('ecommerce:addTransaction', { 
            		'id': '100000002', 
            		'affiliation': 'Keyring Shop',
            		'revenue': '14.9900',
            		'shipping': '5.0000',
            		'tax': '0.0000'
ga('ecommerce:addItem', {
            		'id': '100000002',
            		'name': 'Batman Keyring',
            		'sku': 'B465DJD2',
            		'price': '9.9900',
            		'quantity': '1.0000'

Feature: Sitelinks Search

Google gives a pretty good description of exactly what sitelinks search is, so give it a read if you’re not sure. With the script that we have added to the homepage of Magento sites you should start seeing a search box appear in the sitelinks of your Google listings. With this search form users can search your Magento product catalog as they would on your site.

Feature: Mandatory Image Labels

On the manual product editor it is possible to add your product images as normal and save the product without putting text in the label field for each image. We’ve added a config setting whereby you can make labels a required field. Simply go to System > Configuration > CreareSEO > General Settings > SEO Settings > Make “alt” tags mandatory on product gallery images?

The labels translate to image “alt” tags on the frontend. This is quite important for good image optimisation by Google’s own guidelines so this should help you out if you forget.

Feature: Support Section

In order to help our users out we’ve added a little area to the top of the General Settings config page to direct people if they need support our wish to collaborate. It’s also another chance to show off our fancy new logo!

CreareSEO General Settings

Depreciated: Product Validation

We have chosen to depreciate product validation. The main reason being that it was causing people to need to reindex every time they saved a product, which is obviously not an ideal scenario. We looked at the code and decided that as a feature it was probably not important enough for us to spend time re-coding. Ultimately, avoiding duplicate product names and descriptions is best practice for merchants to get used to on their own, and most people would not do it anyway.

We hope that the new features and updates make this extension a more pleasurable and rewarding experience for all merchants who use it.