Competition – Win a FREE copy of the Magento SEO book – CLOSED

We’ve teamed up with the guys at Packt Publishing to offer a chance to win a FREE signed copy of our new Magento SEO book.

Magento SEO Book
Magento SEO Book

The competition is now closed – the winners have been picked from a pool of people who have commented / tweeted / re-tweeted and favourite-ed.

Thanks to all who have entered – we’ve had over 40 entries but unfortunately we can only pick 6 random winners (yes we’ve upped it again!).

The winners have been picked and the following 3 people will receive a signed hard-copy of the book.

  • Dreyz (Andrey)
  • Chris Richardson
  • Steven Wu

These runners-up will receive a FREE e-book copy direct from our publishers .

  • Tom McShane
  • Magenticians
  • Alexander Sibert

Thanks to all involved and congratulations to our lucky winners. We’ll be in touch shortly to grab your details so we can send off the books!

  • I had challenged into SEO competition in the country using Magento platform against top WP bloggers and only got best content category in 2012. Now, I find this book as my ammunition to reload and tune up my Magento CMS pages + product pages to jump into the battle again this year and hope getting best SEO achievement. The default SEO check feature within the backend is very helpful to optimize overall SEO issues. “Do The Rights and Kick Off The Bads” – let’s make it happen.

    • Hi Upakarti,

      That sounds like quite a challenge and quite a quote!

  • dreyz

    Hi! My name is Andrey!

    I’m from the country where bears walk down the street and play the balalaika))) and where now the Winter Olympic Games! You guessed where I am? ))

    I know about Magento for several years from my frend and I really liked it! Recently I started my Magento online shop and I need to promote it!

    I started looking for information about Magento seo and was really happy finding Creare blog! I learned about the book and avesome Creare SEO Extension! This is great! This is just what I need!

    Unfortunately, in my country Magento is not so well known… almost no information about Magento… I am sure this book will be very useful and help me grow my e-commerce business! I very interesting about Preparing and Configuring Magento Website, Product and Category Page Optimization and of course analytics and other

    Thanks Robert!

    • Hi Dreyz – thanks for entering – loving the Winter Olympics too – looks amazing over there!

      • dreyz

        Wow! I’m a winner! Yeh! )))
        Robert, where should I send my address details?

        • Hi Dreyz, Please contact us through with your address details. Congratulations!

          • dreyz

            Did you receive my email 3 days ago? I don’t have confirmation from you

          • Hi Dreyz, Thanks very much – yes we’ve received your address details – although you’re quite a distance away so it may take a little longer to get to you!

  • Phew, that will be an interesting read! Thanks, can’t wait to receive my copy.