Top writing tips to engage your audience

Learn how to create content that compels your audience to keep reading with these simple tips.

Not all of us are gifted wordsmiths, or naturally know how to weave together paragraph after paragraph of perfectly crafted copy. However, filling your website with writing that encapsulates your brand’s USP while making grammatical sense is essential for standing out in the digital world.

Professional copywriting is a constantly evolving art, but you can master the basics by following these simple rules.

Keep it relevant

One of the most common misconceptions about writing for business is that you need to spend hours crafting hundreds or even thousands of words about your brand. Complex, jargon-packed white papers have their place among the experts of particular subjects, but when you’re writing to engage an audience, your first consideration should be ‘how do I keep this relevant and on topic?’

If what you’re saying takes up 5 pages, so be it, but if what you’re saying can be discussed within only a few paragraphs don’t stretch it out. Throw any word count out of the window and stick to what you need to say.

Keep it simple

You don’t have to use flowery language to convince your audience that you’re worth listening to. If a reader comes across a word that they don’t understand, they’re far more likely to switch off from what you’re saying and seek out someone else who’s willing to talk to them in their own language.

Imagine you’re speaking to your reader – would you really use long and elaborate words if you were face to face? Replace any verbose synonyms with more common, everyday language to increase your chances of engagement.

Keep it topical

Articles that are seasonal or focussed on a specific event aren’t just more interesting to read – they can also boost your page analytics due to users searching for a particular topic. In turn, you should also get more of a response from users commenting and tweeting about the subject.

Analyse high performing content

By using a tool such as BuzzSumo, you can determine which websites and bloggers are gaining the most hits for their take on a particular subject. This information can then be used to reach out to key influencers and link them to your article on the same subject – a simple retweet from the author of a viral post could send thousands more viewers to your website.

Know your reader

The secret to producing any engagement is knowing your reader. Once you understand their motivations, their desires and the reason why they should be interested in what you have to say, you’ll be able to craft all of your writing with the ideal customer in mind.

You may have to undertake separate demographic research in order to learn exactly who the ideal customer for your product or service is. Once you know, work hard to make every piece of writing consistent with the needs of your target audience.

Bonus tip! Spelling and grammar matters

Whether or not you struggle with spelling and grammar, it’s always worth ensuring that every sentence you publish as part of your marketing is free from errors, as simple mistakes are a key sign of an amateur brand.

Get an experienced proof-reader to check your work, or at the very least ensure that the spelling and grammar checker on your word processor is set to your local language (British audiences don’t always appreciate being addressed with American spellings, and vice versa).

These are just some of our key points to engaging an audience but feel free to do further research to make sure there is nothing else you’re missing when it comes to attracting and retaining readership.