The Grass is Greener

The word ‘change’ elicits different feelings for different people;

  1. The ‘run a mile’ reaction: Change is the last thing you want to go through. You’re happy as you are, you don’t want to rock the boat and change can only be a bad thing right?
  2. The ‘carefully consider’ response: You’re the kind of person who likes to weigh up their options, assess the pro’s and con’s and take a bit of time to think about the possible outcomes.
  3. The ‘pick me, pick me!’ person: You are the change lover. You firmly believe in taking the opportunities laid out before you and making the most of them. Yes, there’s a risk involved but you can navigate that and you crave challenge.

Recognise yourself in one of those categories? Me too. I think the problem with ‘change’ most of the time though, is that it’s perceived in a bad light. Will things actually be better? Is it too risky? Am I’m good enough? Will that grass really be greener?

Let me shake it up a little; how about replacing the word ‘change’ with ‘opportunity.’ We often forget that progression, development, growth and success rarely come out of standing still. Maybe if we took a ‘glass half full’ approach to new things, we’d experience greatness a little more often?

Here’s an opportunity. I am part of Creare, a large digital marketing agency based in the Midlands. Creare work alongside small businesses to help them grow online and become successful. I am looking for people to join me.

Here’s a fact. I love my job. I get to talk to a huge variety of people on a daily basis, work out what makes them tick and partner with them to help them succeed online.

Here’s what we believe.

  1. We believe in giving blue chip quality service at prices affordable to SMEs
  2. We are on a mission to demystify the digital space (it can be a confusing place for many business owners)
  3. We are passionate about transparency and show tangible actions and results to our customers
  4. We believe in consulting regularly with our customers, giving them the support they require

Here’s the offer. I am looking for people who are passionate about selling the right solution to customers and have proven success in doing it well. As a Digital Telesales Executive, you’ll own a portfolio of clients, be responsible for sourcing leads, communicating with customers and driving sales. We’ll reward you for your hard work with an uncapped bonus scheme on top of your basic salary alongside a great opportunity of career progression for the right candidate.

The question. Are you up for it? Email me your CV if this opportunity grabs your attention and makes you curious or call me to discuss the opportunity further. I’d love to hear from you and trust me on this, the grass really is greener.



Tel: 01788 438110