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As business owners and marketing executives you may find yourself being constantly bombarded with calls from companies and individuals offering marketing services and reviews. Often, this isn’t something that you’ve requested and you often have nothing to measure against, which can then pose difficulties to make business decisions off the back off the advice you have received.

Often, the primary concern is that that you may end up being sold something that isn’t suitable for your business or the accompanying website. The new, free, Digital Health Check tool that Creare has created ensures that these issues are a thing of the past and you can get the most out of their online marketing.

Digital Health Check Summary

The Digital Health Check provides you with some actionable points that can be made on both your website and your social media profiles to ensure that they are up to scratch. There is also the added benefit of providing you with the resources to investigate your business’ opportunity for search engine marketing. You are able to input your service area and your services to automatically provide you with a projection of the amount of visits and enquiries you are likely to receive by utilising the marketing solution. The figures used within the report are a guideline but can help you to get better visibility over search engine optimisations relevance for your business.

Digital Healtch Check Search Marketing Opportunity

Once you have completed the Digital Health Check for your website, be sure to email yourself your report so that you can keep a record of the recommendations and your marketing opportunities.

(And don’t forget that you can check out how your competitors score too!)