Questions To Ask Your Digital marketing Agency

A digital marketing agency should have the dedication and know-how needed to boost your business profile in the ever-expanding online world.

Of course, this will come at a price, so to get an idea of whether you’ll be getting your money’s worth, you’ll want to approach your initial meeting armed with a set of questions to help calculate your return on investment. These quick queries make a good starting point.

How will you improve my search rankings?

Your digital marketing agency should be able to provide a detailed strategy on how they will boost your search engine optimisation via various online techniques. From the coding of your website to regular content plans and a sound social media approach, the experts you’re working with need to know their SEO. If not, find someone who does.

How do you avoid Google penalties?

Google penalises some websites for acting unethically with their SEO (for example, plagiarising content from other websites or using spam-like techniques to drive traffic) or failing to follow webmaster guidelines. This can be crushing for a company that wants to boost its online profile rather than hinder it. An amateur agency will be stumped by this question, so it’s a good one to ask if you’re seeking a professional, reputable and trustworthy digital marketing approach.

Can you guarantee rankings?

If the answer to this question is anything other than no, then your digital marketing agency is leading you on. They may be confident that they can boost your profile for a particular search term, but there really are no guarantees – competition is fierce and constant, especially in the world of SEO. Instead, your digital marketing agency should be able to tell you what they will do to give you the best possible chance of rising through the search engine ranks.

What reports will I get?

Any digital agency worth their salt will keep you updated with regular reports and updates on how particular digital marketing campaigns are performing. These should be detailed, containing various different stats from which you will be able to calculate your ROI.

Can I help support the SEO?

Your digital agency should reply to this one with a resounding YES. The more information you can give them about your company, your industry and the types of customers you are looking to attract, the better understanding a digital marketing agency will have of an approach that is tailored to your individual business. Working collaboratively is often the key to online success.

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