Our Work: Interactive Map for J&S Accessories

Add subtitle textAs part of the ‘Our Work Series’, we thought we would give you information on the content and outreach project we have been implementing for one of our retail clients: J&S Accessories.

About J&S Accessories

J&S are one of the UK’s leading motorcycle accessories brands and offer a wide range of equipment and clothing for all types of motorcyclists. They have 26 stores based all over the UK, as well as an online shopping option on their site.


The Aim

Our content team put a strategy in place to utilise J&S’ newsfeed to inform and entertain their target market: motorcyclists of all ages. As part of this strategy, we created an interactive map displaying 11 of Britain’s best motorcycle routes so that riders visiting or riding in the UK can easily find the best routes in the country. You can play around with this content on J&S Accessories’ website.

The design was created by our in-house technical team as the map needed to be interactive, providing separate pieces of information for each journey dependent on the route chosen. It was vital that this piece was engaging, visual, and offered all information riders would need to take the trip.

logowhiteThere are many route planners for motorcyclists, so we needed this content to stand out. Taking inspiration from other pieces of content on the internet, we set out to create a route planner that offered more than anything else. Through our research, we found a gap in the market for a fuel calculator that used the miles of the route, average MPG, and current price of fuel. All of these elements can be customised, adapting to changes in fuel cost and riders personalising the routes.

The Outreach

While the content was being created, our Outreach Team lined up 13 websites that were interested in directing their users to the interactive map. We focused on targeting travel blogs, National Park websites and motorcycling blogs so that these sites were relevant to J&S’ brand. It also meant that these visitors would be interested not only in the content but in the products that J&S sell.

The Result

The content has been live since the end of April, and these results were collected four months later:


As well as receiving a large amount of views both organically and from outreach, during this four months the interactive map received more page views than any other blog post on the newsfeed. The route planner also had more unique page views, meaning that individuals viewed the post more than any others on the newsfeed.

Due to the high percentage of visitors returning to the content, we know people have been using the tool over and over again in order to plan their routes around the country. These statistics show how the piece of content has increased traffic to J&S’ website, and even encouraged two visitors to visit the checkout. They have also gained authority by many relevant, high quality sites linking back to the content for their followers to use.

What’s Next?

Here at Creare, we don’t create engaging pieces of content and leave them to stagnate. We are constantly working to push these pieces to maximum capacity, and so we have a plan for the next few months to increase the engagement of this post, increasing traffic and conversions.

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 12.44.14

We are currently redesigning the homepage of the website so we can include a banner advertising this interactive map, enabling customers to use this tool as soon as they enter the website. We have already created a separate blog post to direct customers to the interactive map, and are in the process of tracking these results. Over the next month we will also be working on increasing the number of people visiting the checkout after using the map by directing users to this section of the website.