Hello. Better branding is on the way.

Hello, my name is John Hayward and I’ll be writing on Creare’s advice centre in the coming months on the subject of branding, and how it can drive business success and the marketing activity you do for your business.

Don’t worry. I’m a totally tame branding consultant, preferring plain English to complicated brand speak and buzzwords.

I’ve worked with Creare recently on their brand thinking, so they know me and I know them. They’re a nice bunch, and they thought I could share some brand understanding to help their wider business community and customers. So here I am.

My background is advertising, brand and marketing communications. I’ve worked in this field both in business and as a consultant to businesses (for, gulp, 20 plus years).

Hayward Brands is my consultancy and is set up to help businesses get to grips with their brand and get better marketing. It’s a one-man business, which means I get to focus my expertise and attention on projects from start to finish. The best bit? Working with a digital agency like Creare, then a children’s play centre or architects the next. British business is fascinating!

Branding is fascinating too. Sometimes misunderstood. Sometimes over complicated by theory. I prefer to keep things simple and usable within business given its such a critical activity.

So keep a look out, I’ll try to inform and keep things interesting.


Hayward Brands