Creare Promote #LoveDigital Week Through Photos, Tweets and a GIF

From the 5th – 9th October, Creare promoted a week of why our staff, partners and other industry gurus #LoveDigital.

All of the responses we received were fantastic, so we’ve collated some photos below;

Creare pics

In order of appearance from left to right –

Then, as more and more people jumped on the bandwagon, things started to get a little inventive;

Local Account Manager – Chanice Nolan

Used our Digital Health Check to express her opinion

Technical Developer – Josh Lake

Let Google do the talking for his tweet

Web Developer – Pawel Grzybek Got extra geeky and wrote his love for digital in code

Illustrator and Web Designer – Jarkko Sibenburg Thought a picture would say 1000 words  

However, the piste de resistance was;


Social Media Consultant  -Leigh Groocock

Leigh decided to go all out with a GIF – Bravo Sir!


Lastly let’s hear from our Industry Gurus / Partners:

Local Digital Marketing Executive – Kevin Wiles @kevwiles

As well as Kevin, some of our other partnerships helped spread the word and gave their opinion via a blog post exclusive to Creare – ‘Why Do Creare’s Partner #LoveDigital‘  So, tell us why you #LoveDigital by tweeting us your photo @creare , get involved, join hands and start the #lovedigital train.