Creare: The Journey So Far

It’s been a long day, I’m sitting in a bar having a beer, but for once I’m actually looking forward to the 6am alarm and journey back to the office because tomorrow, the 13th April 2016, we announce that Creare has been selected as the next Google AdWords Premier SME Partner.

That might not mean anything to you, but it is a key moment in the journey of Creare, a two year journey for me, but more for many people in the company. A journey which has seen us achieve many things but also face hugely challenging times as all digital marketing agencies have, competing for clients and their marketing spend; trying to stand out in a busy and fiercely competitive market place.

Why is this such a key moment? It’s the culmination of a huge effort from a team that puts their heart and soul into achieving success for other peoples’ businesses and that is a strange thing to feel rewarded by, but we do. And for one of the world’s biggest companies and giants of the online media market to recognise little old Creare as one of a select few, hand-picked agencies in the UK and indeed the world to carry the Premier Partner badge, is validation that we are good at what we do and that means more than the badge and partner status itself.

Creare now sit alongside some big players in the online digital marketing space, indeed, alongside a name that is very familiar to me (and probably you), having spent 14 enjoyable years at Yell – a place where Google ate our lunch and gave us no option but to become a ‘frenemy’ (friend/enemy), but ultimately did a good job for hundreds of thousands of UK businesses. And now Creare can say it sits up there alongside my friends and previous colleagues at Yell and those other big players, because the truth is there is space for any businesses or agency that truly wants to do a good job in helping other businesses succeed, all us agencies exist for that very purpose. We are the marketing departments for the small and medium businesses of the UK, they rely on us to see their businesses succeed and grow.

So I sit here drinking my beer (and maybe a second one), anticipating the faces of my Creare colleagues when we announce that we are Google AdWords Premier SME Partners and how much that will mean to the team, thinking that in the end, it was worth all those late nights, working lunches, blood, sweat and tears.

So congratulations #TeamCreare in your achievement in becoming a Google AdWords Premier SME Partner, take a moment to enjoy that feeling… then it’s back to work doing what we’re good at; making other peoples’ businesses successful.