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Tips to improve wordpress website load speed

5 Top Tips to Improve Your WordPress Website Load Speed

Today I want to go through some ideas on how to improve your WordPress website load speed. They might be something you’ve heard before, but give them a read […]

Dan Long

How to add a custom link to the WordPress admin/toolbar with icon

In this quick tutorial James explains how you can add a custom link to the WordPress Admin Toolbar complete with icon.

James Bavington

Learn how to Integrate Social Media into WordPress

Social media is an everyday part of our lives. Everywhere you turn you see people on their phones/tablets/computers Facebooking, Tweeting, Instagram-ing & more! Social media has made everything […]

Dan Long

Google’s Changes – The Aftermath

Tuesday April 21st bought a significant amount of hype on social channels but now that we’ve all calmed down (myself included), let’s take a look at how Google’s […]

Hannah Green
Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 15.00.43

Google Have Spoken

Tuesday was D-day. Social media channels spread the fear, #Mobilegeddon was trending on Twitter and everyone still thinks the end is near. But is it really? A Reminder of […]

Hannah Green

Prevent WordPress comment spam

If you have a WordPress website or maintain a blog, you may be aware of the constant barrage of comments which are submitted. Unfortunately, not all of these comments […]

Dan Long

Our free WordPress holding page plugin – WP Be Right Back

Today sees the release of our latest free WordPress plugin, WP Be Right Back. It’s a nice and simple plugin and more importantly, really easy to use! So, […]

Dan Long

Using wp_localize_script in WordPress

This tutorial provides some information on wp_localize_script and how you can use it in your next project.

Dan Long
Simple WP_Query Ajax

Simple WP_Query Ajax

The WP_Query class is a very powerful developer tool within WordPress and in this article we explain how to combine them with ajax for a more dynamic experience with filters, search and pagination facets.

Shane Welland

Introducing our Business Address Schema Plugin for WordPress

As you’ll know if you keep even one finger on the SEO pulse, using Schema.org markup to identify key pieces of information on a page has become almost […]

Adam Moss

Our free WordPress Twitter plugin

Most of you will know of the Twitter API changes made last year, which caused thousands of Twitter feeds on websites to stop working. Here at Creare, we […]

Dan Long
ACPS Banner

Advanced Custom Post Search – WordPress Plugin

Since WordPress 2.3 you have been able to create your own custom taxonomies which provide useful grouping (or “filtering”) mechanisms. As of version 2.9 onwards, a handful of […]

Shane Welland
bbPress Complete - Book Review

Packt Publishing’s ‘Complete bbPress’ by Rhys Wynne Book Review

Packt's bbPress Complete by Rhys Wynne guides both newbies and seasoned developers around the free WordPress forum plugin - bbPress.

James Bavington

WordPress 3.7 to include automatic core updates

Wordpress announce that the forthcoming 3.7 release of WordPress will include an Automatic Core Update feature that will automatically upgrade your WordPress installation with the latest security patches.

James Bavington

WordPress Shortcodes – An introductory tutorial

A simple Wordpress Shortcode tutorial for creating and using WP Shortcodes within your CMS and theme files.

James Bavington

Custom Featured Image Sizes in WordPress

In this video tutorial, learn how and why you should use Custom Featured Image Sizes in your WordPress theme.

James Bavington

WP-htaccess a simple WordPress .htaccess Boilerplate

Check out our free, open source .htaccess boilerplate tailored for Wordpress. We've curated the best code for a fast, secure and optimised Wordpress site.

James Bavington

WP Meta Query with Custom Field Post Object

Using Advanced Custom Fields with WordPress is an absolute pleasure, and the fact that you can reference other post types as options within fields is an awesome feature. […]

Adam Moss

Using Remove Action in WordPress

Here’s another microblog for you, how to remove something that has already been added in another plugin using the add_action. The specific example I have for you is […]

Rob Kent