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Your business is in safe hands with Creare: Our plans for 2017

Did you know that Creare is one of the largest SEO companies in the UK? No wonder hundreds and hundreds of businesses continue to trust us with their online marketing (and have done, for the past 11 years).

2017’s going to be another huge year for our clients and our team. Here are some of the projects we’ll be working on this year.

First off, we’re completing a large consolidation. When Creare changed hands in May 2016, it became part of a group of eight marketing companies. We’re now consolidating these into one business under the well known Creare brand, and slowly closing down the old companies.

Head office is still in Rugby (we moved to new offices in July 2016), and this restructuring won’t affect any of our clients in any way.

Alongside this consolidation, we are about to embark on a period of deep R&D. As Google and Facebook continue to rewrite the rule books for online marketing, we are investing more time and effort ensuring we stay on top of industry trends.

In early spring, we’ll be starting a project to examine every aspect of online marketing, and will be launching a new service later in the year. We’ve codenamed this project ‘SEO 2017’ – watch this space for more details.

As always, if you want to discuss any aspect of your business’s online marketing, please get in touch with our talented team.