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The ‘must be at’ tech conferences of 2016

One of the many things which is great about the web industry is the Community behind it. Sharing knowledge and contributions by the Community plays a massive role in […]

Dan Long

Back To Basics Part 3: Links, Links, Links..

Links could excel your website rankings and equally in turn destroy them. What links do you want? and what links should you avoid?

Sam Thomas

Magento Live UK 2013 Review

It was that time of year again. The nights start drawing in and there’s that familiar, sometimes nauseating realisation that the Christmas period is approaching. On top of […]

Adam Moss

Writing for Packt (Magento Shipping How-To)

In 2013 I was approached by Packt Publications to write a short Magento book entitled ‘Instant Magento Shipping How-To’ for their new ‘How-To’ series. The following post is […]

Rob Kent
bbPress Complete - Book Review

Packt Publishing’s ‘Complete bbPress’ by Rhys Wynne Book Review

Packt's bbPress Complete by Rhys Wynne guides both newbies and seasoned developers around the free WordPress forum plugin - bbPress.

James Bavington

Magento Beginner’s Guide (2nd Edition) – Book Review

Like it or not 2009 was a fair few years ago now, and at that time Magento 1.3 was the latest craze. The Magento platform was still very […]

Adam Moss

Aheadworks Gamification Extension Review

Thanks to a little post about Gamification in eCommerce I did a while back, Aheadworks got in touch and asked me to have a look at their newest […]

Rob Kent

Gamification in eCommerce – does it work?

There’s a term that perhaps not a lot of people have heard of – Gamification. In the eCommerce world we could definitely argue that our main problem is […]

Rob Kent

Instant E-Commerce with Magento: Build a Shop Review

It seems like eBooks these days are all the rage. I remember a time when Waterstones was the busiest shop on the high street, and the smell of […]

Adam Moss

Distilled’s LinkLove 2013 – my key takeaways

As far as industry conferences go, Distilled put on a great show. Having now been to four of their SEO conferences in London, LinkLove 2013 did not disappoint. […]

James Bavington

Instant Magento Performance Optimisation Review

The Instant Magento Performance Optimisation How-To published by Packt and written by Nayrolls Mathieu is one of the few e-books that I won’t instantly delete from my computer. […]

Rob Kent