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How to filter multiple IP addresses (with a single filter) in Google Analytics

When setting up Google Analytics for a client, one of the first things I do is create an ‘Internal Traffic Filter’. For sites with low traffic volumes, it’s imperative to have […]

James Bavington

Loading Google Map Markers via XML

You can do some very clever things now Google have introduced their V3 API for Maps. James has already covered some basic setup techniques in a previous blog […]

Adam Moss

E-commerce Tracking in Google Analytics & Magento

We often get questions from developers asking why their Google Analytics (GA) accounts are not showing transaction data from Magento. Our typical response is a quick list of […]

Rob Kent

How to track custom click/touch events in Google Universal Analytics

Learn how to set-up and track custom events like clicks and touches within Google Universal Analytics

James Bavington

Magento, Google Merchant Centre & Robots.txt

Recently we’ve been seeing a sharp increase in the number of disallowed Google Merchant (Google shopping) feeds due to the following error: Product pages cannot be crawled because of […]

Rob Kent
Tracking Goals in CF7

Goal Tracking with Contact Form 7 in Universal/Classic Analytics

Learn how to set up Google Analytics Goals with Contact Form 7 whether you're using Classic or the new Universal Analytics tracking code.

James Bavington

How to get the most out of (not provided) in Google Analytics

(not provided) will go 100% in 2013! Recently (not provided) has received a real hype in world of SEO. Although it’s not like some new algorithm update that […]

Kim Ruddock

Google Maps API v3 tutorial – how to make a simple custom map

Go beyond the basics of Google Maps embedding with this introductory tutorial to the Google Maps API. James demonstrates how to locate coordinates, add a custom pin icon and much more.

James Bavington

How to track phone number clicks/touches in Google Analytics

Smartphones are gaining ground on the humble desktop as more and more of us are using portable devices to access the internet. Users looking for services on their […]

James Bavington