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Alternating PHP Loops with Modulus

A fairly simple operator in PHP is modulus (%), which allows you calculate the remainder of one integer when divided by another. You may ask why this is […]

Adam Moss

Increasing maximum products per category in Magento

Recently, one of our clients needed to have more than 1000 products in a category on their Magento store. Every time they clicked Save, they got the normal […]

Adam Moss

Create PDF & Mail Attachment in Zend Framework

Zend has a library of classes for managing web functionality with various CRUD methods. The two I’m going to focus on today are Zend_Pdf() and Zend_Mail(). By combining […]

Adam Moss

Local Magento with MAMP – Unable to login to admin

I’ve probably already blogged about this but I’m sticking it on the new site so I don’t forget where I put it… There’s a little bug with MAMP […]

Rob Kent

Create a Twitter Widget with Twitter API 1.1 & PHP

Following on from my very simple tutorial on Whatever Happened to Twitters Latest Tweets? I thought that I’d compile all of the code that I have created over the […]

Rob Kent

Magento Session Problems

There are a number of session problems in Magento – just look around the web and you’ll see examples of people having trouble with cookie lifetimes, folder/file permissions […]

Rob Kent

Whatever happened to Twitter’s Latest Tweets?

In this tutorial I’m going to show you a few examples of broken “Latest Tweets” implementations across a number of different websites, why these are now broken and […]

Rob Kent

How to replace all URLS in WordPress via MySQL after changing domains

James walks through the simple process for cleaning up all old references to your URL after changing domains in Wordpress.

James Bavington

How to achieve SEO-friendly downtime with a 503 holding page

Learn how to apply a 503 status to your website's holding page to achieve SEO friendly downtime that won't negatively effect your website's rankings.

James Bavington