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Form Conversion

Designing Forms for Conversion

Forms. Nobody likes filling them out. Forms take time and effort, plus, we often find ourselves typing the same details over and over again. Name. Email Address. Phone […]

Nicola Connolly

A Guide to Using Hotjar

Hotjar, as they say, is “…a new and easy way to truly understand your web and mobile site visitors.”, and is something I am using more and more […]

Jack Fuller

5 Tips On Driving Conversions Through UX

Recently I’ve been using some software to track what customers are up to when landing on a site, and it opened my eyes to things that can sometimes […]

Jack Fuller
Effective Landing Pages

5 Effective Landing Page Design Marketing Principles

Creating an effective landing page design starts with a solid understanding about the purpose of the page in question. After all, if you don’t understand the purpose of […]

Nicola Connolly
A/B Testing

Understanding A/B Testing Strategy & Using Optimizely to Experiment

Successful conversion rate optimisation (CRO) requires analysis, testing and patience to get the most successful results. Why Test? Our aim is always to maximise the number of visitors […]

Nicola Connolly

How to integrate Twitter Product Cards and Open Graph into Magento

Update: Please be sure to check out our Creare SEO Magento extension – it features the below implementation of Product Cards and OG. In this short tutorial we’ll […]

Rob Kent
MeasureFest Review

MeasureFest 2013 – Marketing & Analytics from a CRO Perspective

With the right expertise and experimentation, Conversion Rate Optimisation can mean the difference between; a great looking website which ranks in the major search engines and converts a […]

Nicola Connolly

Aheadworks Gamification Extension Review

Thanks to a little post about Gamification in eCommerce I did a while back, Aheadworks got in touch and asked me to have a look at their newest […]

Rob Kent

Google Maps API v3 tutorial – how to make a simple custom map

Go beyond the basics of Google Maps embedding with this introductory tutorial to the Google Maps API. James demonstrates how to locate coordinates, add a custom pin icon and much more.

James Bavington

A/B Split Testing Magento with Google Analytics (CRO)

There are a number of different ways to split-test websites and webpages to see which design or layout converts better. It’s all about CRO – a bit of […]

Rob Kent

How To Speed Up Magento

After coming back from Magento Live in London and listening to Hedley Aylotts fantastic presentation on Magento load speeds I decided to do a little test on a […]

Rob Kent