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Introducing Creare's Digital Health Check

SMEs have a clear and simple need. They want to present themselves to their market effectively, however far and wide that might be. They have a simple requirement to ‘get found’, generate new business and see a return on their investment, through a variety of on and offline channels. The market is crying out for simplification, real support and partnership to help businesses start up, grow and succeed by leveraging the power of digital marketing.
CREARE LAUNCHES ITS DIGITAL HEALTH CHECK TOOL At Creare, we believe that in order to flourish, our industry must remove the mystique of digital marketing and provide small and medium businesses with transparent, professional services that they can embrace. Our Digital Health Check puts the power into the hands of the business owner. For the first time, a tool of this kind has been designed specifically for the business owner or manager to use and take action on. Non techie, no jargon, simple yet comprehensive results detailing the performance of a business’ existing digital presence, with tips and advice on where to focus and how to improve. Download our media briefing pack below, or click through to explore the Digital Health Check tool for yourself.

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Click the image above to download our media briefing pack on Creare's new Digital Health Check tool, plus further information on our company, key personnel, media contacts and quotes.

Digital Health Check

Click here to explore Creare's new Digital Health Check tool.  By simply entering a website address you will discover how it currently performs and be presented with recommendations on how to improve.

About Creare

Click here to find out more information about Creare, our solutions, brand values and the talented team behind one of the UK's leading digital marketing agencies.

Addressing a clear need for SMEs

“At Creare we have identified a clear need; demystifying the unnecessary complexity of digital marketing for SMEs. Through our simple three step solution, we are helping businesses discover the performance of their existing online presence, then presenting simple, clear and actionable recommendations, helping them find the right mix of digital marketing to achieve their aims.  Creare’s new Digital Health Check is a game changer for SMEs, for the first time a tool of this kind has been specifically designed for the business owner, no jargon, clear recommendations, and what’s more, Creare’s Digital Health Check is available for any business to use for free.” Tom Darnell, Chief Commercial Officer

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