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Loading Google Map Markers via XML

You can do some very clever things now Google have introduced their V3 API for Maps. James has already covered some basic setup techniques in a previous blog […]

Adam Moss

Google Maps API v3 tutorial – how to make a simple custom map

Go beyond the basics of Google Maps embedding with this introductory tutorial to the Google Maps API. James demonstrates how to locate coordinates, add a custom pin icon and much more.

James Bavington

Whatever happened to Twitter’s Latest Tweets?

In this tutorial I’m going to show you a few examples of broken “Latest Tweets” implementations across a number of different websites, why these are now broken and […]

Rob Kent

jQuery Event Handlers – From Live to On

Here we look at the change from .live() to .on() in jQuery, and the benefits this will have for your development projects.

Adam Moss

Check if jQuery selector exists

When you are using a jQuery plugin, sometimes you may need to add the code into an external javascript library that is loaded on every page. This can […]

Rob Kent

Create a simple ‘Implied Consent’ EU Cookie Law Banner with JavaScript

Comply with the EU Cookie Law using our simple JavaScript banner that follows the same 'implied consent' format as the ICO and the BBC.

James Bavington