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Ecommerce Social Media - Creare
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Our Approach

At Creare, we have experience developing strategies which cover Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest and Instagram, and can provide you with recommendations across each of these. We begin by working with you to identify which of these platforms need to be included in our strategy. Once we’ve established the channels we will be using ensuring these have been correctly set up and optimised is the next stage.  Our ongoing campaign will then be ready to launch and we will create a schedule of planned posts so you are in the loop every step of the way. We understand that entrusting us to look after your social media channels is a big decision, and for us transparency over what is posted is a key part of maintaining a great strategy. Our approach is to ensure we deliver a balanced strategy in which our focus isn’t on the number of posts, but the way they engage your audience. Building genuine relationships is essential in social media, and our campaigns are designed to achieve this and to help grow a responsive community who are engaged with your brand.

Why Use Creare?

One of the main questions with social media marketing we hear from customers is ‘can we manage this ourselves in house?’. In some cases, it’s certainly possible to do this and with many customers we work in conjunction with in house assistance - here’s a couple of reasons why using an agency, and Creare specifically, will benefit your social campaigns:
  • We have the expertise to keep up with the latest industry changes & trends - our whole team is Hootsuite certified and has years of experience in social media marketing.
  • Social can be used to compliment the other digital marketing services & to ensure content reaches the right audience
  • Social Media Marketing isn’t just about posting company updates - we’re able to use our marketing know-how to create a strategic approach that ties in with your business goals.

Our Service Levels

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