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Ecommerce PPC & Google Product Listing Ad's - Creare
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Our Approach

With over 8 years’ experience managing paid search campaigns, Creare are in a great position to either support your PPC efforts from scratch or to build upon your existing presence to maximise returns. We deliver:
  • Search and Display network advertising>
  • Google shopping campaigns
  • Remarketing strategies
  • Youtube advertising
Once we’ve carried out a full review to help us understand your business, we will identify which of the above is going to be the most appropriate way to drive effective paid traffic to your website and will provide a bespoke recommendation based on your business goals. The great thing about PPC is the immediacy of it - as soon as we get your adverts launched we can start to collect data and understand your users better - giving us the opportunity to start to refine and develop your campaign to make it as effective as possible. As with our other digital marketing services designed for ecommerce - we know that delivering tangible results for your business is essential, and all of our strategies are designed to achieve maximum returns.

Google Shopping

With ECommerce websites, Google Shopping is particularly important and allows you to showcase your products directly on search results pages, getting right in front of your customers.  From the creation of a feed of your products that is uploaded to Google directly for review, right through to the ongoing management of your shopping campaign and ensuring that it’s delivering a great return on investment, Creare are here to help.

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