Creare Win Google Partners and Head to USA

September was when the journey really took off.

We worked really hard with Google to establish and grow our pay-per-click product and we were lucky enough to be chosen by them to be a partner. We flew James and Tom from the team over to Google’s HQ in California to learn more about where we could go next. Here are some pics…


Creare Establishes New Exec Team with Backing by Sovereign Capital

September was a really busy month as we also welcomed in the current Creare Executive Team. These guys are a talented bunch who have joined James and Nick in developing Creare into what it is today.

  • Kevin Ord

    Kevin Ord

  • Tom Darnell

    Tom Darnell

  • Venetia Cooper

    Venetia Cooper

  • James Bavington

    James Bavington

  • Nick Rinylo

    Nick Rinylo


Sep '14

  • Creare Win Google Partners and Head to USA
  • Creare establishes new Exec Team with backing by Sovereign Capital

Social Product Goes Live

Consumers love social media and in October 2014 we recognised that we needed to help businesses like yours love it too.

By managing all channels ranging from LinkedIn to Twitter, we begun to take the pressure off business owners as we helped them to increase their audience reach, their scalability, brand awareness and following.

Here’s the brains and beauty behind it all…

Victoria Blount
  • Victoria Blount
  • Social Media Manager


Mobile Site Checker Goes Live

Have you heard of the phrase 'mobile responsive?'

It basically means that your website is able to adapt its size and functionality to any device that it's viewed on and Google really likes this. We thought it would be useful if you were able to discover if your website had this ability quickly and easily so we developed our Mobile Friendly Checker. Why not try it out?

Creare Mobile Site Checker


Oct '14

  • Social Product Goes Live
  • Mobile Site Checker goes live

Nov '14

  • Search Award nomination & attendance

Creare Xmas Party

We love a good boogie here at Creare and the annual Christmas party is definitely a highlight of the team’s social calendar.

As well as having a really good party, we take the opportunity to give out some awards to recognise that year's great achievements.

Here’s a sneak peak…


Dec '14

  • Creare Xmas Party

Magento Certifications

The New Year came and we had something else to celebrate. Seven of our web designs were awarded with Magento certifications. Magento is the top platform for building ecommerce websites so with experts in-house, we can offer customers the very best service for their online shops. Well done guys!

  • Rob Kent

    Rob Kent

  • Sarah Adams

    Sarah Adams

  • James Bavington

    James Bavington

  • Dan Long

    Dan Long

  • Kim Ruddock

    Kim Ruddock

  • Jamie Allsop

    Jamie Allsop

  • Adam Moss

    Adam Moss


Introduction of Web Project Managers

You know what they say, new year, new start and January 2015 saw that for us with the introduction of our two lovely Web Project Managers. Lucy and Claire do a great job overseeing all of the websites that we build. They make sure that our customers are kept informed every step of the way.

  • Lucy Christie

    Lucy Christie

  • Claire Jennings

    Claire Jennings


Jan '15

  • Magento Certifications
  • Introduction of Web Project Managers

New Creare Site Launched

Everyone loves getting a new home and in February 2015, we got ours.

The brand new Creare website was launched and showcases the talent and creativity of the people that work for us. Have you taken a look?

As we’ve mentioned, we do really love hearing how our customers are getting on and we wanted to capture some of their stories which is why we chose to dedicate a whole section of our new website to their testimonials. Hear from six of our clients here: Creare Customer Stories

  • Discovery Tours

    Discovery Tours

  • Broadbent Solicitors

    Broadbent Solicitors

  • Simon Wright Jewellery

    Simon Wright Jewellery

  • Dove Decor

    Dove Decor

  • Brittanic Garden Furniture

    Brittanic Garden Furniture


Our People, Your Team Video


Feb '15

  • New Creare Site Launched

Magento Partnership launched

In March 2015, our partnership strategy really started to ramp up. Now that we had seven certified Magento developers alongside a strong industry presence, Magento asked us to partner with them as one of six companies worldwide that work directly with small businesses. This is a fantastic relationship to have. We get lots of training, support and advice from the team at Magento that enables us to provide our clients with the best solution and most up-to-date practices.

Magento Powered Websites


Account Management team all achieve GA certification

Our Account Management team were busy bunnies during this month too as all of them finished taking Google Analytics certifications and passed. We now have over 17 people qualified with more in training as we speak.


Mar '15

  • Magento Partnership launched
  • Account Management team all achieve GA certification

Creare sponsors The Pitch

The Pitch

In this month, we kicked off our sponsorship for the UK’s largest small business start up competition The Pitch. The Pitch supports businesses that are up to three years old in the UK, it offers them a platform to share their story, provides them with some great advice and content as well as equipping them with the skills they need to grow.

We write content, speak at events, sit on the judging panel and take one to one sessions with the applicants with the aim of giving them some good advice and they start their entrepreneurial journey.

Keeps your eyes peeled in the November press to see who won the competition!


Apr '15

  • Creare sponsors The Pitch

Launch of the Creare Advice Centre

May 2015 saw the launch of our Advice Centre. The aim of this resource is to ensure that business owners have access to the most recent and relevant advice and support coming out of the industry. Take a look at some of our most popular posts…

Creare Advice Centre


Hootsuite Certification

Remember Vicky who we spoke about in October 2014? Well in May, she passed her Hootsuite certification with flying colours. Making sure our people are certified and at the cutting edge of their field is really important to us as it means our customers are being given the best service.

Hootsuite Certification


May '15

  • Launch of the Creare Advice Centre
  • Hootsuite Certification

Creare SEO Magento reaches 6k downloads

Some of our clever guys here at Creare built an extension a while back that enabled our ecommerce customers to have fully optimized websites. The extension provides some tips and tricks that means our Magento websites will always be at the front of the field.

June 2015 saw the download of this extension reach 6,000. What a landmark!


Jun '15

  • Creare SEO Magento reaches 6k downloads

Digital Health Checker Launched

Creare's Digital Health Check helps you to understand how your current online presence is performing and provides tips and advice on areas to improve.

The integrated campaign planner then helps you discover the opportunity for your business to embrace digital marketing.

We provide a report detailing your results and recommendation, and we do this all for free.

Digital Healthchecker


Digital Demystified @ Google London

July was a really important month for Creare.

For the previous 12 months, the company had been on a journey and July 28th in particular culminated some of the hard work, learning and innovation that we've been walking through.

We hosted an event called 'Digital Demystified' at Google, London where we joined with customers, media, partners and staff to showcase and launch the Creare three step solution and to celebrate our customers who work tirelessly to maintain, grow and support their businesses across the UK.

The three step solution looks like this:

  • Digital Health Check

    This checker takes your website's URL, tests it and then helps you to understand how your current online presence is performing. It then provides tips and advice on areas to improve.

  • Solution Bundles

    The Creare bundles provide holistic marketing solutions that are tailored to your businesse's needs.

  • Digital Reporting

    Our new reporting puts you in control. We help you understand your results but we also highlight the key information so that you can take action.

  • Here were the key speakers at the event…

    During July we also launched our new brand ‘Our People, Your Team.’ This wraps up how we work. We are our customers' team of experts who work with them to develop a complete digital solution tailored to their business. We are partners, not faceless techies at the end of an email.


Solution Bundles

Digital marketing requires more than just a good website.

The Creare bundles provide holistic marketing solutions that are tailored to your business needs.

By answering a few simple questions, we are able to recommend which collection of products would meet your requirements.

Creare Solutions


Reporting v2

Knowing how well your website and marketing campaigns are working is crucial to understanding how your investment is paying off.

Our new reporting puts you in control. We help you understand your results, but we also highlight the key information so that we can take action.

Furthermore, with your Digital Account Manager always on hand, your marketing investment is in safe hands.


Jul '15

  • Digital Demystified @ Google London
  • Creare launch Digital Health Check v2
  • Reporting v2
  • Solution Bundles

New Partnerships Launched

August saw our partnership strategy continue.

Constant Contact are an award winning industry leader when it comes to email marketing, with over 600,000 customers they have the right tools and knowledge to really get your email marketing off the ground! As part of the partnership, we now offer Constant Contact's email marketing solutions to our customers.

We mentioned in April about our sponsorship of The Pitch, well we work alongside Constant Contact on The Pitch too!

Warren Knight has over 20 years' experience in marketing and selling products and services globally and over 7 years in social media and ecommerce. Warren really understands the value of digital within the business and now writes some amazing content for our Advice Centre.


Digital Account Management launch

The launch of Creare’s digital account management team saw us move towards having a single point of contact for our customers when it comes to keeping them informed of the progress of their digital marketing strategy. Prior to this, the speed at which the industry adapted towards holistic strategies saw some customers having multiple points of contact across social media marketing, organic and paid search. We invested a massive amount into training the team on all of our digital products and improved our customer journey vastly along the way.


Aug '15

  • New partnerships launched
  • Digital Account Management launch

Creare announces partnership with

September saw Creare form a partnership with to offer all of our clients an industry leading reviews platform at a discounted rate. Trust and social proof are an ever more important factor of a holistic marketing strategy so we're delighted to be recommending the best-in-class service offered by


Sep '15

  • Creare announces partnership with