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Latest Tweets for Magento

Latest Tweets for Magento

Show your latest tweets in Magento

If you want to display your latest tweets on your Magento website then you may find this extension quite useful!

Simply fill in your twitter API credentials and your Twitter username and your tweets can be pulled dynamically into your left or right sidebar, there's also a handy little snippet of code to pull out your tweets anywhere in your template files (just look in System > Configuration).

We recommend installing this extension through Magento connect - it's fast and simple. However if you'd like us to install it and customise it visually for your website then please simply add it to your basket and checkout. We're only be too happy to help!

What's Included?

If you wish Creare to install this extension for you then, upon purchase, we will contact you requesting the following information:

  • FTP Access
  • Magento Admin Access

We will also ask you a few questions about how you would like the extension integrating, what features you want to make use of and it's position and styling.

We will then upload the files, integrate the extension into your existing design and then test the extension to ensure it works as advertised.

What happens if there is additional development required?

If there is additional work to be carried out in order to implement the extension onto your website due to conflicts or incompatibility issues then Creare will contact you with an estimate of any additional costs involved, you can then purchase this additional development time through our website.

Upon Completion

Upon completion of the installation we will require email sign-off, the developer will request this once the extension is installed, styled and working correctly.


Those who choose to have Creare install their extension will receive 30 minutes worth of post-installation support to sort out any styling issues. If the problem is due to external factors then a decision will be made as to whether additional support time needs to be purchased, by the customer through our website. At this point a quote will be provided.

As this is a free extension those users who wish to install it themselves will not receive dedicated support.

Our Latest Tweets extension for Magento uses the new 1.1 API standards set out by twitter.

Key Features

  • Works with Twitter API 1.1 (oAuth)
  • Choose number of tweets
  • Show / Hide links

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