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Social Media Marketing – Agency vs In-House

In the blue corner, we have a Social Media Marketing Agency….and in the red corner we have an In-House Social Team. Ding! Ding! In-house or agency? It’s a […]

Victoria Blount

Do you have a commitment to nonsense? – #smlondon 2015 Roundup

Not a lot gets me out of bed at 5.30am, but last Wednesday morning I sprung into action ready to catch a train to London town to meet […]

Victoria Blount

5 Social Media Mistakes That Could Be Killing Your Brand

Social media is a fickle mistress, the smallest error or mistake & you could kill your brand. If you are a small business dipping your toe into the great […]

Victoria Blount

How Curated Content Can Supercharge a Social Media Campaign

There is method behind the madness of sharing blog content other people have written. Whilst at first it may seem an alien concept and diversifying from the ultimate […]

Victoria Blount

Facebook Dislike Button Coming Soon

Empathy = Dislike So it’s been announced by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg that we can expect a new update, which is yet to be named, but dubbed as […]

Victoria Blount
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Top 10 Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

Although social media is a relatively new phenomenon, it is already a must-have when it comes to any business’s marketing efforts.  Jumping on to the social media bandwagon […]

Victoria Blount

Your Guide to Using Twitter for Effective Customer Service

It’s no surprise that social media is becoming a crucial, and often a primary, way for businesses to engage with their customers. It’s quick, easy and direct and […]

Victoria Blount
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Capsule View of All Things Social at Brighton SEO 2015

It was my first experience of Brighton SEO, which was by all accounts the busiest year to date. A sea of SEO experts could be found queueing around […]

Victoria Blount

Which Social Media Personality Are You?

Take the quiz below to find out which social media personality you are in a 90s teenage magazine style. Do you over share? If not, then we all […]

Victoria Blount

Welcome to Generation Social

You can run and try to hide…but social media is EVERYWHERE! It’s almost hard to remember what we did with our spare time before check-ins, likes, tagging, tweeting, […]

Victoria Blount

Creare donate to the Seed Sowing Network in Africa

In our industry we work at the forefront of web wizardry & SEO practice. Consumed with the latest google algorithm, design trend, consistently engrossed in the tech world. So […]

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