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The Creare Digital Health Check: How does it work?

There are many website testing tools out there but our very own Digital Health Check aims to make analysing digital marketing performance accessible to all audiences – not […]

Rob Kent

The UK Search Awards 2015

Creare were at the 2015 UK Search Awards. Nominated for two categories, Best Large SEO Agency and Best SEO Software Suite.

Rob Kent

The Lead Developer Conference – 11th September 2015

The lead developer conference took place in September 2015 and is the first of it's type in UK. A tech conference that focusses on what it's like to be the team-leader of a development team.

Rob Kent

What to ask when hiring a developer

Most developer CVs look too similar to differentiate. We ask 5 simple questions related to their position to sort out the good from the bad.

Rob Kent

Migrating Away from Magento Go

From the 1st February 2015 Magento Go will no longer exist. Those with a current Magento Go account will need to migrate their store to another platform – […]

Rob Kent

Magento vs. WooCommerce

A comparison between two of the largest open-source ecommerce platforms available today. Take a quick quiz to find out which platform is right for your business.

Rob Kent

When Making Websites Was Easy

A far-from-serious look at how the role of the Web Developer has changed in recent years. From tables and framesets to CMS platforms and jQuery wizardry.

Rob Kent
Magento 1.9 Theme - Madison Island

New Features in the Magento CE 1.9 Responsive Theme

A quick look at some of the main features of the new RWD (responsive web design) theme within Magento 1.9 using Sample Data 'Madison Island'.

Rob Kent

Useful 301 Redirects for SEO using .htaccess

It is well known that 301 Redirects are vital for recovering link equity from URLs that are no longer existing on our current website but were available on […]

Rob Kent

SEO Profit/Return/ROI Calculator

When choosing how much you are going to spend on an SEO campaign it’s vital that you work out whether the keywords you wish to rank for will […]

Rob Kent
Schema Org

Implement Product Schema.org Markup into Magento

In this tutorial we’ll be looking at how we can add all the main features of Product Schema into your Magento template files – editing the files and […]

Rob Kent

Competition – Win a FREE copy of the Magento SEO book – CLOSED

We’ve teamed up with the guys at Packt Publishing to offer a chance to win a FREE signed copy of our new Magento SEO book. The competition is […]

Rob Kent

E-commerce Tracking in Google Analytics & Magento

We often get questions from developers asking why their Google Analytics (GA) accounts are not showing transaction data from Magento. Our typical response is a quick list of […]

Rob Kent

Magento Book – Magento Search Engine Optimization

The following is a write-up of the contents of my new Magento book “Magento Search Engine Optimization” published January 2014. I’ll highlight some of the key areas from […]

Rob Kent

Free Magento SEO Extension – CreareSEO

An overview of the main features and updates contained in our first release of CreareSEO for Magento.

Rob Kent

Magento, Google Merchant Centre & Robots.txt

Recently we’ve been seeing a sharp increase in the number of disallowed Google Merchant (Google shopping) feeds due to the following error: Product pages cannot be crawled because of […]

Rob Kent

How to integrate Twitter Product Cards and Open Graph into Magento

Update: Please be sure to check out our Creare SEO Magento extension – it features the below implementation of Product Cards and OG. In this short tutorial we’ll […]

Rob Kent

Writing for Packt (Magento Shipping How-To)

In 2013 I was approached by Packt Publications to write a short Magento book entitled ‘Instant Magento Shipping How-To’ for their new ‘How-To’ series. The following post is […]

Rob Kent

Magento SEO – Category Filters and Duplicate Content Issues

Update: We’ve also rolled this functionality into our Creare SEO Magento Extension which is available for free on Magento Connect and also featured within the book “Magento Search Engine […]

Rob Kent