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How to add Google Tag Manager with Analytics tracking to your WordPress site

Google’s Tag Manager has become an increasingly popular tool for website developers and marketers. In this video tutorial I walk through the simple process of integrating Tag Manager […]

James Bavington

How to add a custom link to the WordPress admin/toolbar with icon

In this quick tutorial James explains how you can add a custom link to the WordPress Admin Toolbar complete with icon.

James Bavington

Creare does the Business Card Scene from American Psycho

At Creare, we love cult movies almost as much as we love web design. Here our budding team of actors pay homage to American Psycho.

James Bavington

BrightonSEO Autumn 2014 – Interview Highlights

Our technical director James Bavington catches up with speakers and attendees at September 2014's BrightonSEO. Speakers, attendees and Kelvin himself share their thoughts.

James Bavington

How to filter multiple IP addresses (with a single filter) in Google Analytics

When setting up Google Analytics for a client, one of the first things I do is create an ‘Internal Traffic Filter’. For sites with low traffic volumes, it’s imperative to have […]

James Bavington

Charting the growth of 1,000 UK SMB’s mobile device traffic 2010-2014

James delves into the data to explore the growth in mobile traffic to our clients' websites over the past four years.

James Bavington

Google Partners Allstars Summit 2014 Write-up

Here are James' key takeaways from Creare's recent visit to the Google Partners Allstars Summit 2014.

James Bavington

JW Player Video SEO with Schema.org & XML Sitemaps

Despite being around for several years, Video SEO is still a highly valuable part of technical SEO. In this tutorial, I’m going to share how I combine both […]

James Bavington

Working with WooCommerce and Sass

In this simple tutorial James explains how to convert WooCommerce's built in Less files for Sass.

James Bavington

How to create SVGs in Adobe Illustrator – Video Tutorial

It’s been far too long since my last video blog – so thought it time to pull my finger out and get recording. In this video tutorial I […]

James Bavington

How to track custom click/touch events in Google Universal Analytics

Learn how to set-up and track custom events like clicks and touches within Google Universal Analytics

James Bavington
Tracking Goals in CF7

Goal Tracking with Contact Form 7 in Universal/Classic Analytics

Learn how to set up Google Analytics Goals with Contact Form 7 whether you're using Classic or the new Universal Analytics tracking code.

James Bavington
How to 301 to a new domain

How to 301 redirect to a new domain name without comprimising your SEO

James talks through the simple, recommended process for 301'ing your website to a new domain name without negatively impacting your SEO.

James Bavington
Google Partners

Google launch Google Partners in the UK

This evening 76 Stoke Newington Rd London – hosted the UK launch of Google Partners; the new umbrella scheme by Google designed to support and recognize trusted online […]

James Bavington
bbPress Complete - Book Review

Packt Publishing’s ‘Complete bbPress’ by Rhys Wynne Book Review

Packt's bbPress Complete by Rhys Wynne guides both newbies and seasoned developers around the free WordPress forum plugin - bbPress.

James Bavington

WordPress 3.7 to include automatic core updates

Wordpress announce that the forthcoming 3.7 release of WordPress will include an Automatic Core Update feature that will automatically upgrade your WordPress installation with the latest security patches.

James Bavington

WordPress Shortcodes – An introductory tutorial

A simple Wordpress Shortcode tutorial for creating and using WP Shortcodes within your CMS and theme files.

James Bavington

MK Geek Night (#6 19th Sep 2013)

A quick write-up from the 6th MK Geek Night held on 19th Sep 2013. MK Geek Night is a free creative conference held in Milton Keynes every 3 months.

James Bavington

Google announce Schema.org Organisation Logo Markup

Google announce their new Schema.org Organisation Logo Markup code, allowing webmasters to nominate their company logo for appearing in the SERPS.

James Bavington