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7 Years of Mastering Magento

There‚Äôs been more ups & downs than a Tandoori restaurant’s toilet seat over the last seven years as I’ve worked towards mastering Magento. With that in mind I […]

Adam Moss

Beginners Guide to Magento 2 Custom Module Unit Tests

Adam Moss gives a beginner's tutorial on how to perform basic Magento 2 Custom Module Unit Tests

Adam Moss

MageTitans 2: The Monster Review

I learned that November Rain is more than just a Guns ‘n’ Roses song as I aquaplaned across the M6 during a torrential downpour at 6 in the […]

Adam Moss

Magento 2 Extension Development with Composer and Git

Adam gives a tutorial on his workflow for Magento 2 extension development using Composer and Git.

Adam Moss

Magento gulpfile.js Boilerplate for Custom Themes

Adam provides a detailed look at how to set up your gulpfile and directory structure when working with Gulp as a task runner for Magento themes.

Adam Moss

Beginner’s Guide to Installing Magento 2 using Composer

If you’re new to Composer or package managers like Node’s NPM then you’ve got a lot to take in before you start working with Magento 2. You see, […]

Adam Moss

Magento Live UK 2015 Review

Creare's Web Technical Manager Adam Moss provides his thoughts and feedback on Magento Live UK 2015, held in London on June 22nd-23rd.

Adam Moss
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Tips for Improving Your Online Shop

Maintaining an online presence and an online shop is no longer a quirk of business or a tech-trend; it is a necessity for survival. Between 2011 and 2013, […]

Adam Moss

CreareSEO 1.3 for Magento

Here’s a fact that will scare the kids more than Halloween at John Carpenter’s house: did you know it has been a whole 8 months since CreareSEO 1.2 […]

Adam Moss

Magento Certified Solution Specialist (MCSS) Exam Debrief

Having recently passed what was my 3rd Magento certification I’m beginning to consider myself somewhat of a veteran of the genre. The after-hours study sessions and the endless […]

Adam Moss

MageTitans: The Big Fat Review

Adam Moss recaps the events of MageTitans 2014 with the Internet's only 'Big Fat Review'.

Adam Moss

CreareSEO for Magento v1.2

An overview of the main features and updates contained in version 1.2.0 of our CreareSEO extension for Magento.

Adam Moss

Magento Live UK 2014 Review

A diary of Magento Live UK 2014, including reviews of the talks and opinion.

Adam Moss

Magento 1.9 Sass Themes with CodeKit

Magento 1.9 finally comes with a responsive theme written in Sass. Using CodeKit for Mac, Adam Moss talks you through getting started.

Adam Moss

Introducing our Business Address Schema Plugin for WordPress

As you’ll know if you keep even one finger on the SEO pulse, using Schema.org markup to identify key pieces of information on a page has become almost […]

Adam Moss

Loading Google Map Markers via XML

You can do some very clever things now Google have introduced their V3 API for Maps. James has already covered some basic setup techniques in a previous blog […]

Adam Moss

Alternating PHP Loops with Modulus

A fairly simple operator in PHP is modulus (%), which allows you calculate the remainder of one integer when divided by another. You may ask why this is […]

Adam Moss

CreareSEO for Magento v1.1

An overview of the main features and updates contained in version 1.1.0 of our CreareSEO extension for Magento.

Adam Moss

Magento Responsive Theme Design – Book Review

It has long since passed the time where we should be saying R.I.P to non-responsive websites. Your ecommerce site must present its information in a format that suits […]

Adam Moss